Your September Chinese Horoscope: Agility and Intelligence

Agility and Intelligence

Your Chinese Horoscope

Our Tree Monkey month continues until September 13, according to your Chinese horoscope. Agility and intelligence are the key to navigating the world around you during this high-energy period. When the 13th brings the Cock Crowing at Noon, it’s important to listen.

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Pay attention to the warnings about unsettling times that are also full of opportunity. Your special September animal days bring the grounding and wisdom you’ll need to really seize those new openings. Here is your September Chinese horoscope.



Fiery energy has you full of inspiration on September 9 as the Granary Rat. Use some of that intensity to stay grounded while you explore your new concepts for life. The afternoon of September 21 brings the positive feelings and energy to take action on the changes you need as the Rat on the Crossbeam.


Focus on clear communications on September 10 as you plow forward as the Ox in the Byre. Your energy is strong and as long as others understand your plans, you’ll accomplish your goal. Use the wisdom you’ve learned through experience on September 22. As the Ox in the Road, you ground the people panicking around you, according to your Chinese horoscope.

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Emotions can feel overwhelming and confusing on September 11 as you are the Tiger Leaving the Mountain. You’ll discover, happily, that you’re healing past wounds. On September 23 the flow of fresh, new ideas surrounds you as the Tiger Crossing the Forest.


You’re on the brink of some new beginnings on September 12 as the Rabbit in the Burrow. You’ll transform outworn ways of doing things for this fresh start. Really think about your feelings on September 24 as the Rabbit Leaving the Forest. Be gentle with yourself as you break out of old patterns, feeling free.


You may be surprised by someone’s physical attraction to you as the Dragon of Patience on September 1. Review how you managed past accomplishments on September 13 as the Rain Dragon to guide your actions today. Maintain your equilibrium through grounded, everyday actions on September 25 as the Dragon in the Whirlpool.


Power is shifting in your business and personal life on September 2. Go with the flow as the Hibernating Snake and your efforts are appreciated. The best way to deal with others “bouncing off walls” on September 14 is with laughter and kindness as the Snake in the Field. The evening of September 26 is a good time to move ahead after a day handling swirling emotions as the Snake Leaving a Hole.


It’s time to let your feminine side rule September 3 as the Way Horse. Your love life will grow as a result. After the early morning excitement on September 15, stay focused and steady for success as the Horse in the Clouds. Sleep in and dream if you can on September 27. Then you’ll be ready for action as the Traveling Horse.

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Have fun with an exciting new relationship on September 4, and stay clear if you don’t yet know them well as the Sheep in a Flock. Notice something wonderful about someone on September 16 and tell them so as the Serious Sheep. This could lead to a romantic evening. On September 28 as the Lost Sheep, you’ll be happily found by someone attracted to you.


You’re sexy and high-energy on September 5 on this Tree Monkey day and month, according to your Chinese horoscope. Create and then seize opportunities. Early on September 17 you have a chance to invest in your future as the Mountain Monkey. You are smart and grounded on September 29, beginning that new project as the Independent Monkey.


Use a positive self-image for emotional breakthroughs as the Cock Crowing at Noon on September 6. Take morning action on this Rooster of Solitude day/Cock Crowing at Noon month, September 18, then relax. September 30 is a power day for pursuing goals as the Cock Pecking for Food.


September 7 brings a day of surprise changes and emotional communications as the Sleeping Dog. Maintain your dreams and sense of your strong spirit in the midst of it all. Don’t overdo it on the morning of September 19. You’ll want to save a bit of energy for a sexy evening as the Mountain Dog.

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Take a deliberate, steady approach and be ready to complete any surprise projects on September 8 as the Pig Traversing a Mountain. The evening brings a refreshing new view, according to your Chinese horoscope. On September 20 enjoy the fun and energy of a day flowing with your sexy self-awareness as the Monastic Pig.

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