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The Road to Love

Has a psychic ever told you that you had to wait for true love to arrive? You made your call to California Psychics because you felt ready and were (literally!) soulmate obsessed - ... read more

A Soulmate Search

It's not uncommon for people to call a psychic for confirmation when they get a strong intuitive feeling that something transformational is about to happen in their lives. Guidance at these times can be ... read more

Love Rushes In

"Sometimes as a psychic, my job is simply to reassure clients that their life will change for the better if they just let go of the things that aren't working for them. Most people hang on to not-so-bad ... read more

Dealing With Fear

There's that old acronym people love to use to define fear, which is "False Evidence Appearing Real." But that doesn't mean that fear should be approached as silly or unimportant just ... read more
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