Love Yourself First

You need to be able to have a relationship with yourself if you intend on having a fruitful relationship with a significant other,” asserts Angel (ext. 9266), who uses no additional tools in her readings other than her close relationships with her spirit guides. She shared this with Janet (not her real name) who called and instantly announced, “I can’t take it. I hate my life. I’m lonely.” Obviously the 55-year-old housewife from Hamlin, New York needed help.

Angel asked Janet to refrain from giving her any additional information to allow her guides to speak to her about the issues at hand. Janet listened and waited for a ray of hope. Angel sensed that Janet’s husband of 20 years had left her for another woman and she was ridden with pain and anxiety. Janet acknowledged that she was correct.

The psychic, who has been aware of her gifts since the age of eight, also sensed that her husband was an alcoholic. And that the “other woman” was essentially a drinking partner, whereas Janet was a “good girl” who never drank. “She had been putting up with this man for two decades and it was clear to me that she had very low self-esteem issues. She didn’t know how to live life by herself, she was totally co-dependant and that needed to change,” says Angel.

As the phone call progressed, Angel informed her that in a couple of years her husband would come back and when he did she would no longer want him in her life. “That’s preposterous. He won’t come back in a million years. You’re crazy. And if he did, I’d take him back. I need him,” Janet responded.”

Angel calmed her client down by asking her to take some deep belly breaths. When Janet was able to relax, Angel told her that she needed to re-envision her future and develop a respectful, loving view of herself. That initial call turned into a two-year phone relationship. It was apparent to Janet that Angel was gifted as she had revealed enough accurate facts to instill faith in her. Janet continued to reach out whereupon Angel lifted her spirits and encouraged her to go to therapy and seek support through Al-Anon, which she did.

“I also told her that she would attract someone else in her life that would have the same problems as her husband. Her “picker” was off,” Angel recalled. Janet had a brief stint with another alcoholic but remembered Angel’s prediction and broke it off early. Janet started going to Al-Anon every week. Slowly, she developed a positive relationship with herself. A year and a half later, her husband ironically showed up at her door.

But, as predicted, Janet had outgrown him and refused to take him back. She had created a new life for herself and was no longer interested in putting any energy into taking care of him. He eventually agreed to go to Alcoholics Anonymous and the two are slowly developing a friendship. But Janet now has her boundaries and a deep love for herself.

“It was a long road and Janet did a lot of work, but she came to realize that she is responsible for her own happiness. Now she’s looking forward to finding a healthy relationship,” says Angel.

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