Love Rushes In

“Sometimes as a psychic, my job is simply to reassure clients that their life will change for the better if they just let go of the things that aren’t working for them. Most people hang on to not-so-bad relationships, not-too-bad jobs, okay friendships… because they’re afraid that this is the best they can do in their lives. Fear keeps many people’s lives mundane,” points out Jesse ext. 9027 who has been a Clairvoyant Tarot Reader for 25 years.

When Jesse put the cards down for Miki (not her real name) during her first call on a January afternoon two years ago, the psychic did not see the divorced mother of two staying in her convenient, moderately passionate relationship of three years. Instead, in her mind’s eye, she saw Miki leaving him. When Jesse told her caller, she responded “Impossible!” without hesitation. To that, the psychic (whose accuracy has been tested by a Midwestern psychic institute at 85%) added that not only would she indeed meet someone new, but she would also be married by the end of the year. “Completely impossible!” was the caller’s reply. “Besides, that sounds way too fast for me!”

Miki explained that along with raising her sons and a demanding job, she had no opportunities to meet men. “I want to try to make this relationship work,” she insisted. Jesse told her that the man she was with did care for her, but because of the weight of his personal issues, he would never be able to commit.

“As I told her that she would be meeting the new person soon, Miki continued to insist that she never meets men. To this day I’ve never seen a photo of her and have no idea what she looks like, but I saw her as having a very beautiful, attractive energy,” remembers Jesse.

Miki’s second call to Jesse started with, “You won’t believe this but..” and she went on to tell the psychic that she and her boyfriend had broken up amicably. Jesse was thrilled, as this left her caller open to meet someone new. “I told her that when she met the man she would marry, there would be something very familiar about him – and yet, this man would not be someone whom she currently knows. I told her the meeting was close – it would happen within six weeks and the circumstances would be unusual,” Jesse remembers vividly. “Impossible!” was Miki’s response once more, though she was interested in knowing if she would meet anyone new.

Miki called back several months later, once again astonished at what had transpired. She had taken her son to the orthodontist and in the waiting room both she and a handsome gentleman recognized each other from the past, but didn’t immediately make the connection. It turned out that Miki had worked in one of Rob’s (not his real name) restaurants while in college. She was married at the time. Rob had opened the first of what was to become a chain of restaurants, and he too had been married. “I don’t remember thinking much about him except that he was very nice, and the staff all complained about how awful his wife was,” Miki recalled with amusement. They had been seeing each other and were enjoying the relationship immensely.

Miki had contacted Jesse to find out how both sets of children would take to their dating. “I told her that her boys would bond to him and his girls would warm to her slowly.”

“Expect a proposal,” Jesse warned Miki. “Impossible!” Miki once again exclaimed. It’s only been a few months.”

“I may be wrong,” Jesse suggested, “but no… I see a diamond and platinum ring in a Tiffany’s box and it’s larger than 5 carats,” she revealed joyfully. “And I see the ocean, “said the Clairvoyant, who envisioned the scene as if it were a movie playing out in front of her.

The next time Miki contacted the psychic was after she had received a 6 carat diamond and platinum Tiffany’s ring. “He brought me to the beach where he’d had an entire garden of roses set in the sand and asked me to marry him. We’re building a house and if it’s finished before Christmas, that’s when we’ll be married.” Miki asked Jesse if everything looked favorable for the house, the wedding and the relationship, asking “This isn’t too fast, is it?”

“Not for you and Rob,” Jesse was able to respond immediately. She saw an everlasting love, which was celebrated the day after Christmas.

“The story of Miki and Rob is in many ways a fairy tale, but it’s one of my favorite stories because it is real. Sometimes my job is just to ‘turn the lights on’ for a caller, so they can make better choices and life can move along easily,” concludes Jesse.

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