One Call Can Change Your Life

Sometimes all it takes is one call to a psychic to stir up a life change that can be significant. One important question gets answered, one life situation is resolved, rearranged or perceived anew… maybe there’s an “A-ha!” moment, maybe there’s not. But a special connection between you and a psychic leads to insight into a trend you’ve been following that has kept your heart upside-down or tugged at for years.

“This is one of my all-time favorite calls,” said Joelle ext. 9535 an Empath and Tarot Reader, “because we had such great chemistry as we talked on the phone.”

Felicia (not her real name) called Joelle to ask, “What’s happening with my relationship? Do you see a future for us?” The practicing psychic (for more than 20 years), saw that the female caller really needed to know more about herself and her future than the simple answers to those two questions.

When Felicia called, Joelle put down her cards as usual to “jumpstart my psychic engine.” She began, “The reading came to me in pictures, and I saw that the woman on the other end of the line who was asking about her relationship and her career was not only depressed, but her financial situation was serious.”

Joelle remembers, “I could see that people around Felicia owed her money.” But first she answered the caller’s relationship questions.

“The man I care about has become distant. What should I do? Oh, and I’m wondering about my career?”

“He’s no prince charming,” Joelle answered with a sense of humor. Felicia laughed and barely took a breath before she asked the psychic about another man. Felicia answered “No!” irreverently. “You really need to get a big pair of scissors and cut your connection to these two.”

Again Felicia laughed in agreement with the psychic. “But, do you see another guy coming?” At this point they were both laughing. They had made a great connection and the psychic and her caller, giggled at Felicia’s neediness.

Joelle did see someone in Felicia’s future in 2008 (her predictions usually happen within six months) but, she warned, “this one could get by you… you have some business to take care of first.”

Joelle felt the connection between them was good enough to hit all of the issues she saw in the cards for Felicia head on.

“These guys clearly are not your last chance at love and I feel that neither of them deserve you. Somewhere in your heart you even know they don’t deserve you… but you have an awful time letting go. I see you giving away both your heart and your money in your relationships.”

Felicia, continued to respond with ” Yes, yes, yes.” to Joelle’s revelations.

Finally she blurted, “I know I need to get rid of these jerks… I guess I needed to know that there’s a future beyond them.”

Joelle felt something shift as Felicia spoke to her and again suggested that she cut her heart strings to these men. Felicia said okay and after a pause, Joelle continued.

“I see you as depressed and suffering quietly. You may be offered a better job, but you need to have your resume ready, now! After you get the new job, and spend some time alone (without these guys) and pamper yourself a bit, your energy will change and you will meet someone who isn’t with you simply to take advantage of you,” Joelle predicted.

Again, Felicia kept saying “yes… yes… you’re right… yes…”

“We would giggle occasionally, until I felt the reading move from sadness to joy,” Joelle recalls. “Laughter really is the best medicine.”

“You have no idea what you’ve done for me,” Felicia blurted when the psychic told her she needed some pampering, even if it was only a candlelit bubble bath or a stroll with a friend. She also needed to spruce up her looks, as modestly as possible, because of her financial situation. “She asked, ‘How did you know that?’ and I said the cards told me.”

Felicia had pulled the Tarot card which signifies the Sun, so she knew that Felicia’s life would again turn towards happiness, and empathically understood it would come with self love and self help.

That hope and her understanding of the reading, created a shift in Felicia that I’ve rarely seen in one call. She ended the call saying, “What’s your extension? I’ll call you back with good news!”

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