Dealing With Fear

There’s that old acronym people love to use to define fear, which is “False Evidence Appearing Real.” But that doesn’t mean that fear should be approached as silly or unimportant just because it’s often based on old trauma or a long-gone relationship. All of us have experienced life-stopping terror, and whether it is real or perceived, our team of psychics agree that all fear needs to be pinpointed, faced, challenged and phased out, in order for us to live to our fullest potential.

If we don’t face our fears, they can keep us from traveling a more meaningful life path for years and years to come. Our psychics advise that before we can begin to change the pattern of negativity that fear attracts, we must see what fear is actually doing to our lives.

Here are our psychic’s best tips for becoming fearless:

3 fear-releasing tips
Time alone isn’t enough to release emotional baggage that causes fear according to one psychic. If it is a person who is causing this pain they suggest clients visualize this person in front of them. Then say , “I release you from my energy field and I wish you well.” See the person walk away and then actually pull your energy back into yourself with your arms. Do this visualization as often as needed, our intuitives suggest. Whenever you fall back into a negative/fearful thinking mode, catch yourself and repeat the visualization as needed.”

Next, focus on what you want, not what you fear and don’t want. They recommend some great reading material which reinforces these ideas in more detail: The Heart of Soul by Gary Zukov and The Law of Attraction by Ester and Jerry Hicks.

Imagine yourself collecting all of your fears relating to any situation (past and present) in a bag. Then see yourself picking up this bag and feeling its weight. (You may be shocked at how heavy the bag becomes.) Next, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and visualize yourself lugging your bag out to the trash or even driving it to a dump. Disown any bad feelings related to the garbage you had collected. Repeat until the exercise allows you to feel lighter emotionally. Then, focus on what you would like to see yourself do now that all you have feared is no longer with you.

The challenge is to keep fear away from you, so you don’t dwell on it and attract even more of the negativity that comes with fear. One psychic recently helped a woman who was having repetitive depressing dreams. They had her focus on her energy just before she went to sleep – sort out the negative and positive thoughts, release the negative ones and spend time meditating on the positive ones.

Leveling the fear field
In the event there is a serious threat such as losing kids in a custody case or stalking

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