Listen Up in Love!

“My readings are full of honest hope because love is forever attainable. As human beings, we will always find love and be loved,” says Winter ext. 9002, who has used her Clairvoyant ability to give professional readings for 15 years. “I have not had readings where I did not see love in a person’s future. However, I have not seen love with a particular person that they may want to be with. There is a difference.”

This difference is not something many want to hear, but there are times in life when it must be accepted so that a person can move on and inevitably heal. Much the same was true for Stacy (not her real name) who was still madly in love with her ex. Unfortunately, he was engaged to another woman of less caliber. With the hope that he would cancel the wedding and run back into her arms, Stacy was giving with her time, money and body to this man.

Winter’s clairvoyant powers told her otherwise. “I knew that he would go through with the wedding and see her on the side, without ever committing to her. I kindly told Stacy the truth and did it with empathy and candor, never being judgmental or cruel. I replaced the negatives with positives, telling her that I saw a high-quality man coming in the near future. Of course, she didn’t want to hear it. Everything went back to her ex. She even told me that she spoke to other psychics and I was the only one that saw no future with this man.”

Those other psychics all saw love coming back to Stacy. Winter gently told her that different psychics see different things and that, just maybe, they could be picking up on love with the new guy that Winter had tried so many times to describe. Unfortunately, Stacy would have none of it. “She told me that she thought I was sweet, but my predictions were off,” laments Winter.

Three long months went by with no word from Stacy. Then, out of the blue, it was the sound of her gleeful voice on the phone. She told Winter that her ex had gotten married two months before and she had met a great guy three weeks prior. The guy was everything that Winter had described to her in the past, and Stacy actually apologized for having rejected the previous predictions. Stacy was the happiest she had been in her life and knew she had found the one. With her ex now out of her mind, she married her new man the following year. Winter and Stacy still talk to this day, and Stacy realized that the one you want, may not always be the one you get. She also realized the importance of making room for someone else.

“I realized as an advisor, you are not going to tell a person everything that they want to hear. I learned to stay true to my gift, but to do it in a caring and sensitive way,” concludes Winter.

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