A Soulmate Search

It’s not uncommon for people to call a psychic for confirmation when they get a strong intuitive feeling that something transformational is about to happen in their lives. Guidance at these times can be invaluable, so that callers can make the most of the possibilities before them. In life and love, timing can be everything, tells Anya Dawn ext. 9179.

“With soulmates, for instance, there can be a small window of opportunity involved – and you really don’t want to miss it,” the Clairvoyant and Empath, who specializes in soulmate identification, advises. Her client Markus (not his real name) called her last November feeling anxiously sure, and at the same time unsure, that he was about to meet his true love.

He’d been dating for more than 20 years, and had never really been in a satisfying love relationship. Markus told Anya Dawn that he had a crazy psychic sense of anticipation about love. He said he knew enough about soulmates to understand that they don’t just come up to you, tap you on the shoulder, and say hello.

“Do you see a soulmate coming, or is this my imagination playing with me,” Markus asked in a voice that the psychic describes as unforgettably velvety-smooth. “How will I know her?”

Anya Dawn, who uses no tools, first looked into her client’s question empathically as he rambled on in anticipation of her answer.

“I don’t know why I always seem to miss out on true love. I’ve even taken sewing classes to try to meet the right woman,” he joked.

“Your intuition is right. You are going to meet a soulmate… in February,” the intuitive responded, with the warm feelings she gets whenever she knows a client is on the brink of finding love.

“February? Why February? That’s months away,” he responded. “I feel like something’s changing for me right now!”

“Nobody ever likes to hear that they have to wait for love… But it’s good, because you have time to put out the effort to find her,” Anya Dawn explained, before continuing on to describe his soulmate. “I see her as being of medium height, athletic… about seven years younger.”

“Really? I don’t know if I believe this,” Markus replied, sounding more relaxed now and somewhat mesmerized.

“You’ll find that you both have a kind of an unusual passion, a hobby that you share. But she won’t fall for you easily,” Anya Dawn warned. “And you’ll have to deal with that.”

“Wow, I thought soulmate stuff was simple. You meet, you fall in love, you marry…” Markus trailed off.

“Because of free will, you don’t have to end up together. We all have choices. I think you’ll find that this woman has had some painful relationships in her past. Soulmates aren’t perfect people… Now this part seems kind of unbelievable and a bit shocking, even to me,” she forewarned her caller, “but I’m trusting from experience that what I’m getting is correct… When you meet her, you’ll feel as if you are falling in love right in front of her,” Anya Dawn was sure: “The experience will be unusual.”

She next asked Markus how he usually met women, and was impressed by his answer, which included taking art and cooking classes, relaxing at his golf club, and just plain telling his friends to set him up.

“You’ll need to do that and more to open up your dating pool. Have you tried the Internet? I really think you should…”

“The Internet? You’re sure about this whole thing? I mean, I’ve pretty much given up…”

“Open your dating pool to make it happen. When you meet her she may be reluctant… and timing is important. You may have been in the same place in the past and you both may have been involved with other people, so you didn’t actually meet or pursue meeting each other.”

“Okay,” Markus replied, with a hint of uncertainty in his deep voice, before he hung up.

Anya Dawn heard from Markus the following April, two months after she had predicted his fateful meeting.

“She’s so beautiful! You didn’t tell me that, maybe you did. And Juliette, that’s her name, Juliette is as crazy about monopoly as I am and we both love to barbecue – even when it’s freezing outside. It’s just like you said, I’m crazy for her, but she’s not crazy about the idea of a relationship, so I’m trying to keep cool. She’s gotta be the one. Is she? I have this feeling…” Markus said, and then pleaded for a positive answer.

Empathically, the psychic looked at Juliette’s thoughts. As with Sleeping Beauty, you have awakened her with your goodness and happiness. But she’s still feeling vulnerable. She knows she’s fortunate to have you in her life, but she needs time to trust it.”

“Juliette told me that recently. It’s what’s giving me hope that this will work. I can’t believe what I feel for her. I have that sense that this is it.” Markus sighed.

“Let the relationship grow naturally – don’t push her,” Anya Dawn reminded her caller, adding that a commitment was still another year away.

“That’s okay,” Markus replied. “If you hadn’t warned me about all of this, I might not have been able to find the compassion to understand Juliette or even checked my old dating sites . . . which is how we met. Did I tell you that?”

Anya Dawn smiled, happy that she had been able to guide Markus in the search for his soulmate.

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