The Road to Love

Has a psychic ever told you that you had to wait for true love to arrive? You made your call to California Psychics because you felt ready and were (literally!) soulmate obsessed – constantly wondering who and where this person is.

“Most people want what they want yesterday,especially when it comes to love ” reports Barbie ext. 9295, a Clairvoyant who reads Tarot and gets input into her readings from her spiritual guides. “People don’t want to hear that they will have to wait for love. But, pushing ahead actually can cause delay…” the psychic who’s been reading professionally for 12 years reports. “It’s like getting off a train too soon or shooting past your exit. It inevitably takes more time to get to your destination.”

Two years ago, Barbie got a call from Laura (not her real name) an interior designer in her late 20s. Her boyfriend of many years had been killed in a motorcycle accident. She had grieved her loss and was now ready to move on. It had been a serious relationship, full of love, intimacy and exciting plans for marriage and a family… and yet in her soul Laura believed that she would love again, Barbie recalls.

“Will I ever find happiness again? True happiness? I’m willing to date, but I am eager to have a family soon,” Laura asked Barbie.

The Clairvoyant, told her that yes, she would find happiness. Her new love would be a man in uniform. Laura was immediately confused as her boyfriend, Anthony, was a police detective before he died. But Barbie told Laura that it would be another man in uniform – one who had recently lost his wife.

“Funny,” Laura thought out loud, “I keep running into Anthony’s friend Brian (not his real name) who is also on the force. He jokes with me about coming by to give him redecorating tips for his house. I haven’t taken him very seriously. His wife had been ill for some time and died several years ago. He’s great, but I’ve never considered him as a soulmate, or even datable!”

“You will be together,” Barbie stated with confidence. But it’s just going to take time for your love to develop, grow and mature.

“How long?” Laura inquired.

“At least two years.”

“Two years! Seriously?”

“Yes. Like I said, it’s the real thing, but you’ll have to be patient with him. Take the time to keep living your life and better yourself,” the psychic advised.

In the meantime, Barbie told Laura that she saw her becoming a sought-after designer and would find herself in a position to make some excellent money. By the time they got off the phone, Laura had calmed down about the prediction for a long courtship with Brian. After all, she said he hadn’t even asked her out, and she didn’t know how he was feeling about dating. “Actually,” Laura said, “I really can’t imagine that he is the one, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens.”

Months later, Laura called psychic Barbie, to say that Brian had asked her out, and they had been close for a while before he pulled away. “I like him, he’s definitely marriage material, but I don’t think he sees me that way.”

Barbie pulled the marriage card again regarding Brian, which was to be the first of many times over the course of her readings with Laura. “I see you two together but I really think it’s about two years away,” the psychic reiterated. Both of you need to grow. He still grieves for his wife, and I think he wants to be a bachelor for awhile.

“Are you sure you don’t see anyone else?” Laura inquired. “I would love to start a family and two years just seems so far away!”

Again, Laura said goodbye to Barbie, without any panic about the future of her love life as she was reassured that, in time, love was definitely in the cards for her.

After about a year, Laura reported to Barbie excitedly that they had decided to become exclusive. “Okay, so how long do you think it will take before I get a commitment from Brian?’ Laura asked hopefully.

“I see you standing at the altar in a year! “

“A year!” Laura responded impatiently.

“Don’t rush him, because I see that he could back off … This is definitely a case of divine timing!” the psychic told Laura .

“Divine timing, I like the sound of that. I think if I hold on to that thought, my wait will be easier. I’ve decided that Brian is definitely the man for me – he’s worth waiting for,” Laura admitted.

So what happened to Laura and Brian? Laura called Barbie with several questions about wedding plans just weeks before the nuptials – a little more than two years after Laura noted that she had made her first call to the intuitive!

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