When Love Fails…

Every now and again callers tell psychics that they feel as if they were directed to call by a higher power, a guide, or their intuition… later realizing that a “need to know” situation was presented in their reading that would later make a considerable difference in their lives.

One caller recently told Dawn ext. 9777 that when she heard our radio commercial in the car, she pulled over immediately and dialed the number. “I’m really not sure why, I’m calling, Lilly (not her real name) announced to the Empath, Clairvoyant and master Tarot reader, who had already picked up a foreboding vibration from her caller’s energy.

“Do you have a question?” Dawn asked and explained that she would do a Tarot spread called the Celtic Cross to look into her situation.

“I’m not sure why I’m asking you this, I’ve been engaged to a man whom I’ve been seeing for three years for several months… Will we marry?

As Dawn set up the spread she knew something was wrong. “The cards were difficult. In a spread like this, with all of the cards close together, The Moon is a card of self-deception, the Tower presents chaos and breakup, and the 5 of Wands represents conflict. The reading was very clear,” Dawn remembers. She was careful to pass on the information to Lilly gently.

“Is everything okay between you,” the Intuitive asked her caller. “Are there problems?”

“No, we’re good,” Lilly responded, unruffled by Dawn’s query.

“For some reason, Lilly, it’s not going to happen.”

Dawn heard sudden uncontrollable sobbing and choking and gasping at the other end of the phone. And though she is experienced in tearful responses, the compassionate psychic worried that she should have cushioned the blow. Minutes later, when Lilly could get out words, she opened up between sobs.

“I’m… I’m so relieved. I don’t think I’m very happy. I don’t want to shop for a dress, register for gifts, all of the normal things. My parents love Greg, we get along great…” and her caller continued, giving every reason why she should be happy, including their similar military and religious backgrounds, his good looks, Ivy League education, great job, good picks in restaurants, vacation spots and even movies.

“Are you even in the equation?” Dawn asked. “He sounds dominant.”

“I know… right now I don’t know if I even like him,” she blurted, honestly confused by all that had happened in the short time she had been on the phone with Dawn.

“Do you want to marry him?

“I’m afraid to break up with him. Everyone would be furious… I think I’m miserable,” Lilly confessed.

“Do you want to know what might happen if you’re really honest about the situation?”

“You mean if I break up with him,” she asked reluctantly. “I’ve never ever considered any other life… “

As Dawn laid out another Celtic Cross, Lilly told the Clairvoyant that her parents had decided everything for her… from choosing her college and approving her college major, to sanctioning her boyfriends. Her parents and Greg’s parents were business associates and were thrilled when the two began dating. It was almost as if they had sealed the couple’s fate.

As Lilly spoke, Dawn could feel Lilly’s energy shift – her sorrow was lifting. Her consciousness was awakening. She was finally admitting her own truth. “It was eye opening. Lilly really got that she had been an extra in the movie of her own life,” the psychic described. And Lilly was beside herself with possibilities when Dawn explained the second spread to her.

The Strength card, the Sun and the Death card together meant she would have the strength to handle her liberation and transformation. Plus, in the number ten spot, the card which represents the final outcome, was the Star card. “Divine gifts of the universe would come into her life, if she followed her heart. I saw that Lilly had all the possibilities of a stunning love-filled future if she could stay honest with herself.”

Two months after she called off her wedding, Lilly called Dawn back to tell her that she had never been happier in her life. She had disappointed everyone except herself with her decisions. Eventually her family came around to reluctantly support her decision. “I’m taking a vacation by myself, to sort things out this summer,” the newly liberated Lilly revealed to her psychic. “I need to get to know myself better. If I had married Greg, I would have surrendered my entire future to my parents wishes.”

Dawn, who was thrilled that Lilly had actually followed up on her own wakeup call, reminded her to stay honest with herself and she’d do just fine. “Self honesty always brings you out of the darkness to light your true path.”

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