Escaping a Bad Relationship

“If you want a relationship that will go the distance you need to connect on all levels: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical,” maintains Gina Rose ext. 9500, a natural born psychic who channels information to clients with the aid of her five spirit guides. “And you need a partner who cherishes you and treats you with respect.”

Beth (not her real name) wasn’t living this truth – until she spoke with Gina Rose that is. The 32-year-old mother of two from New Jersey initially reached out to this gifted psychic to find out if her husband was ever going to change.

“The question in itself was off-putting and quite revealing,” recalls Gina Rose. “I told her that we can’t make people change and that we are only responsible for ourselves and our actions. With that said, I didn’t anticipate that this man of hers was going to evolve anytime soon.”

From the get-go, the psychic could tell that Rich (not his real name) was an abusive husband (who worked in law enforcement) and that Beth was completely reliant upon him. She felt this was a classic case of domestic violence. She shared this with her client but Beth kept quiet. Only during the second call did she admit that she was physically abused.

“I told her she was in danger and she needed to break free from the shackles she had allowed herself to live in. She did not connect with this man on any level. And he definitely didn’t show her love.” Beth didn’t really respond. She thanked Gina Rose and ended the call. Two weeks later however she called again, which is when she admitted that Rich had broken her nose and that she was afraid for her children. But she didn’t know who to turn to.

Gina Rose urged her to seek help. The clairvoyant knew that Beth wouldn’t report him because if she did, he wouldn’t be able to work again and the ramifications would be even worse. He would get her back and he wouldn’t be able to support her and the children.

Just because he was in law enforcement didn’t mean he was stable and grounded, adds Gina Rose. He was a monster and he had isolated her from her friends and family. Furthermore, she was unable to make decisions – she was frozen in fear.

Gina Rose assured Beth that someone from her past was going to help her. She suggested that Beth call her high school sweetheart. Oddly enough, he had emailed her out of the blue just a week earlier, but the last thing she wanted to do was tell him about her situation. She was embarrassed. Gina Rose assured her that he wouldn’t judge her and that he would be more than happy to lend a hand. He still loved Beth.

“But won’t Rich come after me?” she asked. “I told her to find the strength for the sake of her children. She held the power and she didn’t even know it. If she threatened to report him just once she would be gone from his grasp, he would agree to give her alimony and he would leave her alone.”

Two months later, Beth called again. She had reached out to her former boyfriend as Gina Rose had suggested and confided in him. Within 24 hours he had jumped in his car from Vermont to pick up both her and her children.

Today, Beth and her children are in counseling. The mother of two is learning about co-dependence and discovering who she is once again. She’s enrolled in nursing school and she continues to reach out to Gina Rose for support and guidance.

“This former flame is her life mate partner. They connect on all four levels, which is why it will last. She’s happy now. Thankfully, she didn’t settle for less.”

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