Weekly Tarot Reading: October 21 – 27

Weekly Tarot Reading: October 21 - 27

The Power of Tarot

We have a Full Moon on Wednesday, also known as the Blood Moon. It’s an eerie name for a moon, but perfect for the “season of the witch” and Halloween time. With this in mind, we’ll consult Ann Moura’s Tarot for the Green Witch. Ann sees the tarot as a pagan form of divination and the cards help the reader connect with the Divine. So let’s connect to the Divine with your weekly tarot reading!

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Day (XX Harvest): This card shows the dead rising to the sound of a trumpet. This card indicates both a rebirth and a time of reckoning. For you, this card represents a person gathering the harvest of their efforts. This card also suggests that a transformation is happening. Can you feel it?

Meaning: Conflict concluded, renewed energy, rewards, and good choices.

Evening (X The Wheel of the Year): This card indicates that everything is in motion and that sometimes good luck comes unexpectedly. Are you benefitting through events outside your control? The actions of others bring you good fortune, much as rain falling in appropriate quantities benefits the farmer with a good crop.

Meaning: A happy surprise, sudden change for the better, and a stroke of good luck.


Day (V Drawing Down the Sun [Reversed]): This is the card of a mentor—of spiritual matters and traditions. The individual begins to establish a tradition they can pass down. This is a card of scholarship and learning is essential for teaching. Are you the master or the student? Ritual honors the Divine but also guides power and magic. Reversed, this card indicates conformity, dominance, tradition, and rigid attitudes.

Evening (Nine of Cups): Tonight you will get what you desire. That alignment of circumstance and good decision-making brings emotional fulfillment and satisfaction, according to your weekly tarot reading. This card usually appears to offer reassurance when in doubt. It’s a card of hope as well as success and joy. What have you had your heart set on recently?

Meaning: Victory, happy future, and empathy.


Day (Nine of Pentacles): This card indicates a day of contentment and self-satisfaction. It also indicates good self-esteem, according to your weekly tarot reading. It shows a gain in all areas of life, a pleasurable lifestyle, and accomplishment too. There is security, but there may also be a surprise gift or money arriving. Where could it be coming from?

Meaning: Sudden luck, financial gains, and money from unexpected sources.

Evening (Eight of Pentacles): This card shows individual skill and craftsmanship learned and applied to a business. There is a newcomer, or perhaps an apprentice, who is enjoying the blend of skill and productivity. This might mean a promotion or reward in the form of a pay raise or bonus.

Meaning: Meeting deadlines, career change, and individuality appreciated.


Day (Six of Wands): This card illustrates victory and public acclaim, such as an award, trophy or another symbol of outstanding performance. Overall, this card indicates good news in the realm of work and career. Are you due for that kind of praise?

Meaning: Ideas made into reality and triumph after difficulties too.

Evening (XI The Standing Stone): Justice is a woman wearing a crown, holding an upright sword in one hand and scales in the other. She is not wearing a blindfold. Instead, she acts intentionally, with clear sight, and is deliberate in her purpose too.

Meaning: Objectivity, fairness, truth, and honor.


Day (XV Nature): This card shows the wild freedom of nature, complete with the tangle of vines and weeds along life’s path. You are certainly a part of it all. Therefore, allow matters to flow according to their natural course. Don’t form an attachment to the results of your actions. Remember, nature is open-ended. It allows us to act freely, to laugh at the result, or be tied to a situation for whatever reason.

Meaning: Conquering obstacles, powerful forces, and attraction.

Evening (Two of Cups): The Two of Cups indicates a great night for a date or a get-together, according to your weekly tarot reading. It’s usually a card of love and marriage, however, it also indicates a successful and satisfying partnership. There is a sense of well-being that is shared with another, with mutual respect and enjoyment too. What relationship of yours does this card apply to?

Meaning: Harmony, partnership, reconciliation, and intuition.


Day (XVI The Wild Hunt): This card shows a tower whose top is either crumbling or erupting from within. Chaos energy is represented in this card, according to your weekly tarot reading. It also indicates the opportunity to cast off the burdens that restrict a full life. You certainly have a need for radical change.

Meaning: Secrets revealed, a shocking event, and hope restored.

Evening (Ten of Pentacles [Reversed]): This is a prosperity card that leads to happiness at home. The family environment offers emotional and financial security too. It also indicates the wealth that brings stability and contentment. Reversed, this card indicates disruptions, family quarrels, a need for a change, and money worries.


Day (II Drawing Down the Moon): This card shows a woman sitting between pillars, holding the Book of Mysteries on her lap. She’s willing to share her knowledge with those who seek it. This card represents the witch being instructed at the Full Moon. She receives inspiration and guidance.

Meaning: Secrets may soon be revealed, divine inspiration, and psychic dreams/power.

Evening (III Earth Mother): This card shows a pregnant lady, surrounded by symbols of fertility. They represent potential and abundance. She is generous with her bounty and is an inspiration to others. In pagan Rome, she was also the goddess of abundance. She held an overflowing horn of plenty. She is also a goddess of grains and harvests.

Meaning: Emotional fulfillment, folk magic, creativity, understanding, and joy too.

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