Your Weekly Tarot Reading: December 3 – 9

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Your weekly tarot reading returns to the “Magic Tarot,” based on the Thoth deck by Aleister Crowley. It is jam-packed with pearls of wisdom, just in time for the holiday season. When a “shadow” interpretation comes up for the minor arcana cards or a reversed card comes up, I’ve included them. So let’s enter the week with a little magick!

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Sunday (Mercury goes retrograde)

Day (Empress/Gaia III. Planet: Venus): The Empress is the Venus archetype in all her aspects of loving, creativity, sensuality, nurturance, abundance, and beauty. The keyword here is birth, but birth as being the creative process. Therefore, it is a good day to drink in the abundance of nature and all her delicious pleasures. Feast, dance, sing, swim and be in love with the world.

Evening (The Lovers VI. Astrological Sign: Gemini): Tonight is a good night for romance. Or, it’s a good time to assess your relationships and bring in a fresh awareness. The best way to proceed is to find synthesis in the duality of male and female. Tonight is also a good time to practice meditation if you are being plagued by old reactions. The Lovers also ask you to bring clarity to your connection with your community in your weekly tarot reading.


Day (Page of Wands. Signs: Cancer and Leo): This Page comes forth with calm authority and has no need for armor. Therefore, today is a good day to consider the long-term plans and commitments in your life. It is also a great time to start an educational or apprenticeship program that could take years to complete.

Evening (Queen of Wands [Reversed]. Signs: Pisces and Aries): This Queen is fully aware of her ability to direct and rule and will not submit to external domination. Shadow: Here, the Queen expresses generosity while seeking self-aggrandizement. Pride and superiority often surface when she forgets her deeper purpose. She certainly has a tendency to give too much and is not able to receive in a balanced way. She can allow others to live off of her and she may become the too-good mother. In the end, this is very isolating.


Day (The Hermit/Crone IX. Astrological Sign: Virgo): This is a good day to consciously choose to seek your answers within yourself. This also means it’s a good time to listen to your soul. Times of soul-searching can certainly be heart-wrenching, so consider journaling to help clarify and understand your own feelings and allow new insights to arise.

Evening (The Wheel of Fortune X. Planet: Jupiter): Jupiter fortune’s number is 10, so it is the end of a cycle in your life, especially in the arena of career. It is a good night to make a clear assessment of what kinds of possibilities would offer you ways to grow, expand your realm, and bring more abundance into your life. However, you need to set a clear intention of what you are seeking. Opportunity is knocking, but take a moment before you leap like a fool. Choosing wisely is the key to understanding the Wheel of Fortune.


Day (Ace of Wands. Element: Fire): Fire is the realm of Spirit, action, passion, will, and desire, so this Ace is definitely a call to get moving! This Ace represents the first stage of the manifestation of the will. As a result, today you are feeling ready to activate your ideas and move through your current circumstances with courage and flexibility.

Evening (Six of Cups [Reversed]. Astrological Aspect: Sun in Scorpio): Shadow: This card indicates that it’s time to seek out a therapist or a love psychic because you are carrying an underlying cynicism about your ability to experience love. You need to talk to someone who can help you understand the source of this lack of faith. It’s also a good time to notice what your body is telling you about interactions with different people and in certain social situations


Day (Ten of Cups. Astrological Aspect: Sun in Pisces):  In the Thoth deck, this card is called “Satiety” and here we see the tree of life with 10 cups filled to the brim. The dreams and desires have reached fulfillment. Now the cups need to empty so that the cycle can start again. The appearance of this card indicated it is time to assess and appreciate what has been manifested and release what has not. Therefore, take time to be together and dream again. Let the possibilities arise. Celebrate what you have manifested and call on the Fool to help you dream anew too!

Evening (Two of Cups [Reversed]. Astrological Aspect: Venus in Cancer): Shadow: The luster may have rubbed off of your current affair and instead of doing the work to go deeper, you are ready to run. To go beyond the initial attraction, you will need to learn respectful and embodied ways of communicating. Ask yourself if you are avoiding the challenges of true intimacy.


Day (Eight of Cups. Astrological Aspect: Saturn in Pisces): This could feel like a lonely day. However, if you are in a relationship, this is a point of comfortable stagnation where no one wants to rock the boat. Something isn’t right, but all involved will pretend all is well. But Saturn will not let up until something changes. It is often more difficult to change when two people are in a comfortable rut, bored, and inert, than when there is fighting and the problems are flying around. Make the most of this day and really listen to find out what is really going on. Having a good cry and grieving about the loneliness is the first step towards clearing the air. Then, fill up with some self-love.

Evening (Death XIII. Astrological Sign: Scorpio). Resistance is futile and transformation is at hand. The old story is slipping through your fingers and it’s time to just let go. With the Eight of Cups (see the day), it means that Death’s scythe is stirring things up and there can be no crawling back. As a result, new ways to communicate need to be employed to face the challenges that have been ignored or denied. This can be facilitated through therapy, separation or sharing responsibilities in new ways, according to your weekly tarot reading.


Day (Five of Wands [Reversed]. Astrological Aspect: Saturn in Leo): The harsh rule of Saturn has weakened the fiery, passionate power wands of Isis and Osiris. The Saturn influence implies that time and money pressures have usurped the realm of pleasure. This can stem from being a workaholic or fear of intimacy itself. Sometimes you wait until your body is screaming for help before you heed Saturn’s message. Physical pains may be the only way to get you to finally surrender to change.

Evening (The Tower. Planet: Mars): The Tower blows up when you are stuck in a situation that is not fulfilling your creative urges. It is a wake-up call that demands you recognize the false and limiting structures in your life and embrace change even as your world is falling apart. On a practical level, the Tower can mean the end of a job, the loss of a home, the end of a relationship or an intense internal shock and illumination. At any rate, whatever the crisis, you can always call your favorite life path psychic to help guide you through it.

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