Your 2017 December Supermoon Horoscope

The Closest Placement to the Earth

Both ancient and modern astrologers would consider today’s 2017 December Supermoon to be one when all of us are confronted with living up to our personal integrity—the power of our words and commitments. Yet we need to balance this with our creative, passionate approach to the future that isn’t yet in physical form.

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The Supermoon is a newer term in the ancient practice of astrology that Richard Nolle established in 1979, indicating a full/new moon at their closest placement to Earth. The full moon appears larger and exciting to see, while we don’t see the new moon.

The latest Supermoons are the most intense since the 1930s and won’t happen again until 2033/34. The US and Canada will see the December Supermoon before sunrise. Asia will see it at sunset.

Emotions Sweep Across Humanity

Not only astrologers consider these events powerful for humans, but also hospitals and law enforcement tend to staff more heavily on full moons. Emotions sweep across humanity. Every culture from the Chinese to the Hopis consider the December Supermoon to be something that demands the balance of gentle love with real strength of character.

Your creative juices run high and can be amazing, as long as you’re speaking your truth personally and in your career life. Here’s how and where each sign will likely confront the December Supermoon, offering great movement forward if love and honesty balance in your life:


If you look deep within the love you share with family and friends, you’ll certainly discover just how gifted you are. Listen carefully to your special partner and your own intuitive talents. A fun time with sports or simply enjoying physical and intellectual activity will open new doors for your future.


What you value is truly important today. Take care of all of your investments, including those you’ve made in maintaining love, friend, and family relationships. You’ll then benefit and build both a home and your financial future. Just stay true to yourself in everything you choose.


This December Supermoon is in your sign and can mark an important point in your life. It demands that you share your ideals in your career—anything to do with your public image. If you do that with real love and appreciation, the results are great. Your love life can be sexy and romantic at the same time too.


Falling in love with the work you have at hand will be a great expression of this December Supermoon. With the moon as your ruler, you naturally sense the energies around you, although these will emanate from hidden areas in your life. Enjoy the mysteries you encounter and make them fun too.


Express your deepest, most hopeful passions to friends today. You’re certainly feeling the love, yet trying to determine what’s real and what isn’t. Finances require attention, though, so don’t spend your entire holiday budget right now. Be intense in expressing your affections, but be realistic with your funds.


This December Supermoon demands that you balance career and home life. Be patient with something that sounds like a lie from a partner, but insist that they explain. They’re dealing with emotional confusion right now, and it’s good to get all of that out and deal with your future.


This is the perfect time to spread the power of your graceful personal expression through words of inclusion and love. There may be some confusion about your work environment or other issues. Look towards the things that allow you to heal within as well as towards healing others with kind words. Know what a gift you are to others.


Some of your most valuable investments are the time you’ve spent on your creativity over the past few years. You’ll be seeing a return soon. This will be a truly fulfilling, sexy day if you create a romantic environment. Keep it simple and dreamy and see what new, inspired ideas arise.


You are feeling intensely protective emotions toward all you hold dear. That’s a wonderful thing. Just don’t let your tongue trip you up by expressing what you’re doing to others in a confusing manner. Your words are certainly powerful with this December Supermoon event in your sun sign, so use them wisely.


Care for your emotional health by exploring your deepest, even suppressed feelings. You can certainly have a serious breakthrough today. You’re about to deal with lots of action and personal clout in Capricorn, giving you the strength and motivation to make a huge difference.


Friends and creative efforts hold the key to success during this time. You usually hide your sensitivities beneath an active, almost frenzied lifestyle of social interactions and inspired actions. Make sure you let others know how you feel and what you need, even if it’s financial in nature.


You have to balance public demands and family life today. Both demand your attention, and you may be feeling a bit dreamy, rather than wanting to address what’s at hand. However, your intuition will support you if you incorporate what you’ve learned through experience in both these areas, bringing wonderful openings.

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