Mantras for Meditation: December 2 – 8

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers wisdom, justice, love, abundance, and more in this week’s mantras for meditation. Are you ready to dedicate part of your day to these powerful mantras?

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December 2 (Love): “I open my heart to Divine Love.”

Today, you should smile on lovers everywhere and on all forms of love. Even by smiling on a child’s love of their favorite toy, you create a new bridge for love to come into your life. That new path also allows a higher vibration of love to walk with you. You are seen as loving, welcoming, and attractive to all who love you and those who want to get to know you too. By you blossoming into the picture of the love you want, you will attract it to yourself in a stronger way.

December 3 (Abundance): “Let abundance be mine, good fortune now shine.”

Think about what abundance would feel like for you. Really picture it in your mind and feel it in your bones. Then think about how it would help others. Think about how abundance helps you go to the store to buy things you need and want, how it helps you pay your bills, and go about your daily life. When you see how your blessings help others too, then the Universe feels that vibration and rewards you with even more abundance.

December 4 (Prosperity): “Money is positive energy that brings me positive change.”

As you pay your bills and shop, thank the Universe for the good vibrations money brings. When you do this, you are in a positive mindset and have a healthy relationship with money. You also enter into a positive flow of abundance and prosperity. To think and feel this way will help you gain more of a positive charge in your energetic aura and bring in more enlightened energy to your life.

December 5 (Beauty): “I reconnect my outer self with my inner beauty.”

Look in the mirror and see into your eyes and your heart. Here is where your real beauty lies. It is where you find your Divine self. It is a beauty that you were born with and it shines always, and it can also outshine anything the human world can throw at you. Nothing can dull this inner grace, and no one can touch it either. When you embrace this, it certainly comes out for the world to see. And, by understanding this you connect your outer self with your inner self, and this brings you closer to your divine spark.

December 6 (Justice): “Justice will come in the form that benefits my highest good.”

When you are thinking of justice, try to find balance. Everyone’s eyes that are closed right now will certainly be opened to the imbalance of the situation. Justice sometimes comes with learning a lesson in fairness and respect. By being fair to yourself and trying to regain equilibrium, you benefit your own highest good.

December 7 (Letting go): “I create myself anew by letting go!”

You are being asked to clean the energetic wound that is in your life. It’s the one that holds you here, stuck in your current state. It has created a blueprint of pain within your spiritual self. You are being called to do the work of removing this debris from your soul’s path. Once you have cleared this hurdle you can move forward with your life and see your brighter horizon ahead.

December 8 (Wisdom): “I see the karmic effects of both my actions and non-actions.”

Look at the cause and effect of everything you do and say. Now, look at everything you didn’t do or say—all of your non-actions have causes and effects too. Your inner wisdom kept your filter in place when you needed it, and it removed it when needed also. Listening to a higher guidance will help keep your karma in check and guide you as your wisdom grows.

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3 thoughts on “Mantras for Meditation: December 2 – 8

  1. Rosalyn Murray

    I have never read anything here that is not in tune with the principles of psychology as I understand them. Which shows how accurate a science and spiritual experience psychic understanding is. IMHO!

  2. Lesley

    To Psychic Denisha, I love all your weekly Mantra posts but this week was one of the best I’ve ever read/needed to hear! 🙂 Thank you for contributing what you do to the World. It really does make a positive difference in people’s lives! <3


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