Your Mantras for Meditation: October 6 – 12

Your Mantras for Meditation: October 6 - 12

The Power of Mantras

A wonderful week is unfolding before your eyes! As October opens its beckoning arms, you may begin to feel as if something larger than yourself is calling you to explore deeper psychic and spiritual connections. Your dreams may seem more pronounced and clearer, and you may begin to notice things in your daily life with greater perception. Regardless of what psychic or supernatural stirrings may reveal themselves to you this week, you can be certain that your universe and your mantras for meditation are here to help you.

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This week’s mantras for meditation are brought to you through a mediation that I experienced while walking along an ancient Irish path beside the sea. The crashing waves made an interesting “white noise” as revelation after revelation came to me. My guides have a great deal to convey to you this week, gentle reader, and I trust you will embrace these messages meant for you.

October 6

“There are no limits in my life, only plateaus.”

Sometimes we may feel as though life has “stalled” or that we are no longer moving toward our goals as swiftly as we once were. However, it’s at such moments that you should recognize the time needed for the acclimation and adjustment to your newest accomplishments. Such moments as these are here to give you rest and to help you replenish your mind and body before continuing on your journey.

October 7

“I will not waste today waiting. I will embrace and enjoy my life!”

Never forget that you will never be younger than you are today, and you have never been the age you are right now. You set the tone and rhythm of the dance within your soul. Therefore, no one can or should tell you how to “act your age.” Your mantras for meditation remind you to make yourself happy today.

October 8

“Life changes can be scary, but regrets are far more frightening.”

Anytime we begin to feel the sands of our foundation shift, it brings feelings of fear and insecurity to the surface. However, living an authentic and courageous life will prove to you that the world is not as terrifying as you may have thought previously. Pursue your truth—even in the darkest of times.

October 9

“Life may not get easier, but I am getting stronger.”

You have the ability to rise against the tide. You have adjusted your sails to face many challenges and you have the tools and the capability to fight many more battles. Yes, you have already pushed through times when you felt you would never be whole again. As a result, you are not defined by how many times you fall. Instead, you are defined by how many times you rise!

October 10

“I desire my goals more than I fear not reaching them.”

There may be days when you look at your dreams and think they can never become reality. You may feel that the loss of such dreams (or the inability to achieve them) is such a horrifying thought that it might be better to give up than to continue. Please don’t let this way of thinking stay in your head! Whatever you focus on the most is what you will achieve, according to your mantras for meditation. If you continually consider failing, why are you surprised when you fail?

October 11

“Cupcakes are merely muffins that believed in miracles.”

If you want a life that you can’t wait to jump into every day, you must begin seeing the wonder around you. Life is certainly full of much more colors and variations than you can imagine! Open your eyes to the everyday miracles and see how glorious your world suddenly becomes. Brighten up with autumn colors and create new projects. Find new interests and always keep an open mind. Your mantras for meditation remind you that you never know what you might find!

October 12

“A negative mind will never give me a positive life.”

We’ve all heard the old adage that states the definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.” If you begin and end each day with horror stories splashing toward you from the news on your television or if you continually talk negatively about people or situations in your life, you can’t expect to feel wonderful toward your world. Therefore, turn off the negative. If something impacts you directly, you will know soon enough. In the meantime, you will be thoroughly enjoying your life.

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      The meaning of gold in a dream can only be accurately interpreted depending on what was gold in the dream. Generally, whatever stood out in the dream as being made of gold is a way of pointing out what is most important to the dreamer. It can also be a warning to re-evaluate what is the priority in your life.
      A good dream interpretation should cover every detail in the dream. Give me a call and we will unpack your golden dreams.
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