A Tarot Spread To Guide You Through Struggle

An image showing a spread of eight cards. The first seven cards are in a horizontal line from left to right, and the eighth card is directly above card 7. The background is teal, and a pair of hands hover over the cards like they're about to flip them over. Around the spread is a cup of coffee, a pair of glasses, and a candle.

Use Tarot To Overcome Your Problems

Have you ever faced a mountain of trouble that seemed insurmountable? Perhaps you’ve had one of those days or weeks where it seemed like one thing after another kept going wrong. When times get tough and the problems keep piling up, it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

If you are feeling stressed out or like you need help navigating the days ahead, this weekly Tarot spread is for you. It can be used as a week-to-week guide during a crucial transition, or simply as a way to help you avoid trouble and feel confident in your path.

When you approach a period that you know will be challenging, it can help to break it down into smaller segments. This weekly Tarot spread does this in segments of one day per card, for a total of one week. For this weekly Tarot spread, you’ll draw a card to represent the energies of the day you’re on, and then you’ll draw six more cards — one for the events of each upcoming day. Lastly, you’ll draw an eighth and final card that sums up the week as a whole.

This weekly Tarot spread lets you see the prevailing “theme” of each day, not only helping you plan for what might occur but also helping you maximize the positive parts of every day.

A Weekly Tarot Spread To Help You Through Difficult Times

Shuffle well and focus on the challenge ahead of you. When you’re ready, select eight cards from the deck, and place seven of them face-down in a horizontal line, from left to right. The final “outcome” card should be placed toward the right of the spread, directly above card seven. Ask your higher powers, angels, and guides to help you understand what each card’s imagery says about the days ahead.

An Example of a Weekly Tarot Spread in Use

Phoebe wanted to change absolutely everything about her life. She wanted a new career, a new living space, and a new relationship all at once. Continuing on in her current situation seemed to her impossible, and — frankly — it was. She needed to transcend the dysfunction that had landed her in her current circumstances, and she wanted to know where to start.

To do this, Phoebe decided to break this transition period into weekly segments, asking for the cards’ day-by-day guidance. Here is what her first weekly Tarot reading said about her difficult situation.

Sunday: Day One

Death (Rebirth)

Death told Phoebe to accept that change was happening. The Death card tells you to let go of what you don’t need. If you are in the throes of transition, grieve the losses but keep moving forward. Be open to the new things that can enter your life as a result. Keep what you really love and choose to walk away from the rest. You have come to the end of a cycle, and a new one is beginning. It is time for a change.

Monday: Day Two


Temperance’s appearance in Phoebe’s weekly Tarot spread told her to stay balanced and carry the valuable parts of the past into the future while leaving the clutter behind. Temperance says to let go of what holds you back from new adventures. Take time to rest. Eat good food. Go outside and enjoy nature, no matter how busy you are. Try to maintain harmony with all the elements in your surroundings.

Tuesday: Day Three

The Tower

The Tower warned Phoebe about an unwelcome obstacle in the road. If you get the Tower in your weekly Tarot spread, an unexpected event may shock you. Internal change is necessary here. That might sound counterintuitive, but when you change, so does the outer world. Don’t worry — you’ll land on your feet if you keep your balance. Freedom will be your reward.

Wednesday: Day Four

The Moon

Getting the Moon in your weekly Tarot spread reminds you to ask: Are your fears illusions, or are your guides sending you a warning? Reflect, relax, and ask. Spirit will tell you the answer if you listen closely. You may be able to avoid harm by taking reasonable precautions. After doing so, let excessive and imaginative fears go. This card informed Phoebe that it was okay for her to feel emotional right now.

Thursday: Day Five


Judgment in a weekly Tarot spread usually means that something better is at hand. A new day is dawning, and this is an opportunity to make real progress as you are led into a greater good. Take an honest look at the progress you’ve made. Transformation and supernatural events are possible right now, and they can lead to something great!

Friday: Day Six

The Emperor

This card warned Phoebe that it was time for her to focus on organization. In a weekly Tarot spread, the Emperor card usually indicates that you should plan out your work, then follow that plan as closely as you can. Put your feelings aside and use your head. Fulfill your responsibilities in order of importance. Be disciplined, mature, and bold. Focus on your vision and pursue your desired outcome.

Saturday: Day Seven

The Hanged Man

This card reminded Phoebe that no one can control everything. It can be frustrating when progress gets put on hold, but everything will unfold in its own time. Control what you can, but don’t waste your time and energy worrying about what you can’t. Accept imperfections in yourself and others. If things truly refuse to budge, consider another course of action. Tension and stress won’t make anything better. Giving up your need for control can help you gain power and clarity.

Weekly Outcome and Summary Card

The Magician

The Magician told Phoebe that she had the power and resources to make something happen — if she could attain a state of relaxed focus. If you get this card, don’t let yourself be thrown off course by interruptions. Channel extra energy from Spirit by connecting to higher sources. Maintain your concentration and use the tools you already have.

Why Use a Weekly Tarot Spread

By taking small steps toward your goals, you can make steady progress. When you look back at where you started, you may be surprised by how far you’ve come. As weeks turn into months, your growth can very well exceed your expectations. Just as Phoebe sought guidance from this weekly Tarot spread, you too can use it to help you through difficult times.

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