Messages from Numbers: The Secrets of Tarot Numerology

Messages from Numbers: Secrets of Tarot Numerology | California Psychics

By the Numbers

In Tarot Numerology, numbers are part of the meaning of each Tarot card. Patterns are often found in numbers on groups of Tarot cards, which can help show the querent areas they may need to work on or the direction in which they should go. Numbers can also help in understanding timing.

Here we are looking at numbers 1-10 in the Minor Arcana portion of Tarot. There are four Minor Arcana suits and depending on which deck you use or description you prefer, they are called: Staffs, Vessels, Coins, and Swords, among other names. Below is a brief description of each suit.


Staffs, also known as Wands, Rods, Staves, Batons, or Clubs, represent the element of Fire, which includes the Fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Fire is a bright light that can show you the way, keep you warm and dry, and inspire your enthusiasm. Fire can also cause chaos, burn things to the ground, and bring destructive ends. Staffs are the stuff of life itself and stand for inspiration, passion, drive, ambition, primal energy, creativity–including sexual as well as artistic energies, motivation, success, and willpower.


Vessels, also known as Cups, Chalices, Goblets, Cauldrons, or Hearts, represent the element of Water, which includes the Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Water can be life-giving, cleansing, and purifying, but it can also become tidal waves that drown. Vessels reveal emotions and feelings, both positive and negative, intuition, spirituality, desires, relationships, love, and romance. Vessels show you your heart and the hearts of those you love, and ultimately prove that love is the greatest power of all.


Coins, also known as Pentacles, Disks, Rings, and Diamonds, represent the element of Earth, which includes the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Earth gives us literal support, something solid and firm to stand on, and it is the foundation upon which we build our lives. But if the Earth breaks apart, crashes down, or quakes, it can shake, crush, and cast off all of that, and us, with ease. Coins are associated with wealth, finances, work, employment, prosperity, material possessions, practicality, nature, stability, reliability, and tangible manifestation on the physical plane.


Swords, also known as Knives, Spades, and Blades, represent the element of Air, which includes the Air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Air is needed by every living thing to breathe and stay alive. Air, though unseen, can provide ways to refresh, cool, and cleanse through gentle breezes. But when it blows with fury, it can be a fierce tornado of devastating force. Air symbolizes thought, communication, logic, ideas, intellect, conflict, perception, and awareness.

The Numerology of the Minor Arcana

What follows is a brief description of numbers 1-10, and the numerology of the number applies to each card.


One represents new beginnings, fresh opportunities, and powerful potentials of manifestation in numerology. In Tarot, the Aces embody the essence of a suit and are often thought of as “good luck” or “good fortune” cards. This is particularly true when many ones/aces show up in a reading. They also tend to mean “yes” in answer to a question. Here are thumbnail sketches for each minor suit’s Ace:

Ace of Staffs: Inspiration, Courage, Life Force.

Ace of Vessels: Love, Divine Source, Intuition.

Ace of Swords: Truth, Mental Strength, Clarity.

Ace of Coins: Prosperity, Fruitful Enterprise, Manifestation.


Twos represent union, harmony, and balance, both in Tarot and in numerology. They can mean choice, duality, and/or opposites coming together. They can show pairings, polarity, and partnerships and help you to make decisions and know if or when you can expect support in a matter.

Two of Staffs: Planning, Ideas taking hold, Making minor decisions.

Two of Vessels: Union, Mutual attraction, Emotional bond, Agreement.

Two of Swords: Stalemate, Difficulty deciding, Stagnation.

Two of Coins: Balancing act, Financial planning, Biding time.


Threes represent abundance, growth, groups, fertility, and collaboration. When you find three in numerology, it’s a coming together of ones and twos, which can mean groups, collaboration, and teamwork.

Three of Staffs: Positive anticipation, Gratitude, Good things coming in.

Three of Vessels: Happiness, Circle of friends, Joyful emotional connection.

Three of Swords: Separation, Heartbreak, Disappointment, Broken or painful communication.

Three of Coins: Holy Trinity, Master Craftsman, Working together successfully.


Four represents stability, structure, foundation, and sturdiness. Fours mean you’ve laid the foundation of your desires, one that is strong, sturdy, and stable. They represent that upon which your structure is built.

Four of Staffs: Celebration, Possible marriage, Positive achievement.

Four of Vessels: Not sure you want what is being offered, Detached, Avoidance, Apathy.

Four of Swords: Forced rest, No action, Recuperation.

Four of Coins: Security, Holding on, Withholding, Selfishness.


Five represents change, conflict, instability, shock, and challenge. Fives mean change and transformation are underway, for good or ill.

Five of Staffs: Fighting, Arguments, Unwanted competition, Struggle.

Five of Vessels: Despair, Grief, Focused on the negative, but if you turn and look, you see all is not lost.

Five of Swords: Win the battle but lose the war, Defeat, deceit, bullying.

Five of Coins: Financial hardship; Feeling out in the cold, but a warm light still shines for you.


Six represents cooperation, communication, balance, harmony, and mutual assistance. Sixes mean overcoming conflict and finding solutions.

Six of Staffs: Victory, Can mean a ring of engagement or marriage, Good news, Success.

Six of Vessels: Beneficent giving, Healing, Childlike joy.

Six of Swords: Gone, Moving on, May return later.

Six of Coins: Good Samaritan, Generous financial/material giving, Receiving what you asked for.


Seven represents knowledge, faith, stagnation, reflection, and introspection. Sevens mean going within to assess and perhaps reevaluate to see if you are on course with what you want. Alone time can be regenerating.

Seven of Staffs: Fighting the good fight and winning, Hope, On the defense, Holding the high ground.

Seven of Vessels: Daydreaming, Feeling confused and overwhelmed, Possible use of alcohol or drugs.

Seven of Swords: Sense of loss, theft, or deception; Something lost, but with something good remaining.

Seven of Coins: Patiently waiting, Positive results, Seeing tangible growth, Wanting fulfillment.


Eight represents power, mastery, strength, protection, and accomplishment. Eights mean authority, being the boss or director, and you are experiencing both growth and achievement within and without.

Eight of Staffs: Swift movement, Travel, Good news coming in fast.

Eight of Vessels: Walking away, Rejection, Difficult path.

Eight of Swords: Feeling stuck, but it is only in your mind, Overthinking, Feeling trapped.

Eight of Coins: Doing the hard work, Hammering something out, Learning new things.


Nine represents fulfillment, attainment, fruition, and expansion. Nines mean you are almost there, nearing completion, and attaining what you most desire.

Nine of Staffs: The worst is behind you, Standing your ground, Strength, Perseverance.

Nine of Vessels: Wish granted, Fulfillment, Pleasure, Contentment.

Nine of Swords: This card looks scarier than it is. It suggests worry, sleeplessness, nightmares, anxiety, and tearfulness, but there is hope. The problem itself holds the answer you need.

Nine of Coins: Inheritance, Abundance, Reward, Good harvest, Peace of mind.


Ten represents completion, goals reached, cycles ended, renewal, coming full circle. Tens mean you have completed a cycle and you are embarking on new beginnings.

Ten of Staffs: Heavy burden, Frustration, Carry on, you will make it.

Ten of Vessels: Happy marriage/partnership/family, Emotional security, Fulfillment in love.

Ten of Swords: This is another card that can seem frightening, but while it appears to mean a kind of death, what it truly represents is that the worst is over, and hope is rising like the sun.

Ten of Coins: Family, Buying/Selling of property, Legacy, Wealth, Happy fulfillment of the Tree of Life.

Part of a Larger Whole

While the numbers of the cards in any Tarot reading are just a piece of the message, don’t disregard them. Tarot and numerology easily go hand in hand, and if multiples of the same number appear in a reading, they may be trying to send you a message. Every part of a Tarot card is important, just as everything a number represents in numerology is important. Trust that when you ask the Universe for answers, no matter the medium you receive them through, the answers are there. You just have to look for them

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