Queen of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

Queen of Coins Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

Queen of Coins Keywords

Motherly figure, balanced, grounded, security, prosperity and generosity.

Coins Suit Meaning

Coins are most associated with the outer realities of life like work, employment, wealth, and material possessions. Coins represent Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Earth signs are often known for being ambitious, hard-working, security-driven, and focused on the bottom line. Depending on the deck, this suit could be called Coins, Disks, Pentacles, and Aces, to name a few.

General Meaning for the Queen of Coins

The Queen of Coins may represent a powerful female influence in your life and/or someone you aspire to be yourself. It can indicate an investment in your own life that allows you to enjoy a stable, balanced life, affording you the ability to care for others. Some equate the Queen of Coins with Mother Nature herself; she is the symbol of support and nurturing. The Queen of Coins is often thought of as a good provider who is abundant in resources. As such, she is wise when it comes to making money and she’s an ideal investor or money handler; however, she is also compassionate and motherly. If we take care of nature, we can remain rich in resources and sustain our life on Earth. The same goes for our personal lives – if we take care of ourselves and cultivate our relationships with others (and money) we are living our best life possible.

Queen of Coins in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

In the past position the Queen of Coins can indicate that you had a stable, supportive, and warm upbringing with a loving family. Along the way, you likely learned some foundational and fundamental lessons by observing those around you, skills that helped you become a well-rounded person. You are imbued with confidence and knowledge that guides your life. You feel as though you can create anything that feels right. In turn, you can be a good example and influence for others.

Queen of Coins in the Present/Today Meaning

You may have an influential female you often go to for advice; you may need more advice now. This person will provide practical suggestions and possibly a plan to assist you. If the Queen of Coins is you, you may be on the verge of settling into a comfortable life where you lack little, if anything you need or desire. You can rest assured that you will have the strength, energy, and means to follow your dreams and live a lifestyle you enjoy. The Queen of Coins in the present position is a reminder to identify with our true selves, and to make happiness a priority. She guides, protects, and creates a legacy for her offspring to follow.

Queen of Coins in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

When the Queen of Coins appears in the future position, a satisfying and abundant life is likely in your future. This placement could also indicate the life of a philanthropist who creates charities and helps others. Here, she represents lessons learned, not just about finance, but about setting personal goals and maintaining the physical strength to carry them through. Experience has taught you how to take an opportunity and make the most of it.

Love and Relationships Meaning for the Queen of Coins


If you’re single, you may be content to stay that way. The Queen of Coins is an independent figure who has everything she needs to feel content. If you’re looking for love, this placement can indicate that you’re about to meet someone who fits this description. She may just be the type of woman you’re looking for – well established and perhaps a bit older, nurturing, but not smothering, and certainly someone reliable that you can count on.


In a committed relationship, the Queen speaks of a solid union that’s loving and devoted. She shows her love in practical ways – providing for her family, cooking, and keeping life organized. Although she can be attentive, the Queen of Coins may not always be comfortable with intimacy and physical affectionate which may be fine for some, but it may be an issue for others. Strive for balance in this area.

Career Meaning for the Queen of Coins

After a period of attaining knowledge and experience in a particular field, the Queen of Coins can almost ensure success and prosperity; however, as focused as she may be on career and success, she is equally centered on family and home. Her perfect world is a balance of accomplishment and security in all areas of life.

Financial Meaning for the Queen of Coins

Financially, the Queen of Coins indicates continued wealth as you work towards abundance. If you’ve been looking for a job or career that provides you with financial independence and a comfortable lifestyle, the Queen in this position can be a positive sign that something is on the horizon. At the very least, this placement is an indication that your wealth is growing, and it will continue to until you decide this is no longer your focus.

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