Ace of Staffs Tarot Card Meaning

Ace of Staffs Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

Ace of Staffs Keywords

Creativity, inspiration, focus, success, new beginnings, power, and motivation.

Staffs Suit Meaning

The suit of Staffs is associated with creativity, passion, art, and sex. It is the suit connected with the element of Fire, and with Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The Suit of Staffs seeks attention, pleasure, passion, and a sense of connectivity. This is where lust lives, where anger, jealousy, and even chaos live. Although mostly, the Staffs are seen as the spark of creativity, artistry, and craft. The Staffs are also associated with the planet Mars, named for the god of war. Fire is bright, it lights the way, it burns both barriers and bridges without caring which it reaches first, and every card in the suit of Staffs embodies that fiery energy. Depending on the deck, this suit could be called Wands, Rods, Staves, or Clubs.

General Meaning for the Ace of Staffs

Like Aces in other suits, this card indicates a new beginning, and a metaphorical gift of some sort. The Ace of Staffs points to sparks and ideas relating to creative endeavors. It’s time to bring a dream or idea to life. It’s possible that you will get an opportunity to follow a lifelong passion, or learn more about a specific craft, as the Ace of Staffs is a card all about new opportunities. This is a great time to try something new, something you’ve always wanted. Have a plan, follow your intuition, be determined, and be willing to make changes along the way.

The Ace of Staffs in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

It can be a reminder of a life-changing event, likely one that put you where you are at this moment, particularly with regards to your skills and talent. The Ace of Staffs is reminding you that you’ve been given opportunities to grow and become better at something. Remember to stay grateful for how far you’ve come.

The Ace of Staffs in the Present/Today Meaning

You may be presented with new opportunities that could be life changing. Remember, “new opportunities” is the message of the Ace of Staffs, so be open to what is presented, especially if this relates to your work in a creative field. The Ace of Staffs is telling you to take a leap of faith and follow your passion. New opportunities are not presented very often, and this is the time to consider jumping into something you’ve always wanted. Trust your own abilities and go for it.

The Ace of Staffs in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

The Ace of Staffs in your future position is a good reminder that all things are possible if you apply yourself today – so it can also be seen as a reading for the present. If you’re steadfast, diligent, and motivated, you can have a fulfilling future, especially if you’re in a creative field. Keep an eye out for new opportunities that might not have been available to you in the past. If you really want to take your life in a different direction, start laying the groundwork now.

Love and Relationships Meaning for the Ace of Staffs


The Ace of Staffs is telling you that whether close to home or while traveling, if you meet someone at this time, they’re likely to sweep you off your feet and move at the speed of lightning. The energy is high, and the chemistry is magical for both sides. The Staffs embody fire energy— passion, lust, sex, and pleasure. This person will likely have an intense and fulfilling physical connection to you.


You could be about to deepen an already existing relationship. New beginnings such as the next level in commitment, overcoming past obstacles, and focusing on a bright future are all possibilities. The Ace of Staffs is indicative of a door opening, making room for growth. It’s also a playful card; take the time to enjoy one another and be messy, wild, and free.

Career Meaning for the Ace of Staffs

Your original and creative approach to career goals indicates success. If you’re looking for work, even better – you could get that dream job you always wanted. Often, an Ace is a gift, and it’s possible that you’re going to be given a work opportunity that you weren’t previously considering. Play to your strengths, work towards achievement, and you shall achieve it.

Financial Meaning for the Ace of Staffs

Whether a gift, a lottery winning, an opportunity to invest, or take on a job, the Ace of Staffs in a financial reading suggests an elevation in income. There is an element of luck involved as well, so jump on opportunities as they arise when you see this card.

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