The Star

The 17th Card of the Tarot is The Star, and those who draw it are indeed in luck! While The Star doesn't suggest immediate change, it brings with it clarity of vision and spiritual insight. Ruled by ... read more

Death Card

You think it would be a fun idea to have a Tarot reading, but then - gasp! The Death card gets pulled. The 13th card in the Tarot deck is also the most misunderstood. Death signifies a transformation and ... read more

Psychic in Training

The majority of psychics appear to be born with the gifts of their profession. These talents are often discovered, nurtured and perfected from childhood on. Then there are others whose metaphysical talents ... read more

A Psychic Find

Some readings stand out in a psychic's mind because the whole experience was a bit of an adventure. "On this particular call my client and I really connected and despite the fact that she was in great ... read more
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