2009 Psychic Resolutions

Our psychics have an unusual take on New Year’s Resolutions. They don’t necessarily view them as a marker of achievement, or a demanding challenge for the year ahead, but rather as a more spiritual focus and intention. Resolutions are choices… priorities that you decide to concentrate on to enhance the year ahead.

Some believe that our individual birthdays, as well as New Year’s Day, are equally good choices for stating goals, or taking initial steps in the direction of self-improvement. Consider the first day of a new year to be a day of reflection and evaluation, rather than a time to feel forced to make promises. And, our psychics remind us, it’s better to under-aspire than attempt to resolve too much, too soon. After all, no one said resolutions have to be static – you can always challenge yourself further as the months unfold.

If you plan to make a traditional list of resolutions, our psychics suggest narrowing down the possibilities to your most important achievable goals – then create a plan of action to go along with them. “I’m a big believer in trying to avoid future regrets,” reveals Miss Krystal ext. 9192, who personally intends to stick to her successful nutrition and fitness plan, and spend even more time with her family. “New Year’s resolutions help me review the past year and keep me on track… doing and maintaining those things which are precious to me.”

Ariel ext. 9775 agrees, saying they are most useful when they are about the work you want to do on yourself. “Writing resolutions down acts as a clear, deep signal that you are serious about changing something,” explains the intuitive who is focusing on becoming “more” this year – more compassionate and more patient, that is.

“With each passing birthday, I set my intention for the kinds of experiences I believe I will benefit from. Then on December 31, I like to shake things up and think up some life-altering thing to work on,” tells Charlotte ext. 9350, who has been working on facing her fears for the past several years. This way resolutions become a choice, not a challenge. I don’t worry about keeping or breaking them.

Both on her birthday, in June, and during the entire season of winter holidays Tamara works on tweaking her resolutions. “In a sense, that practice has me rethinking them all year long. I find it to be good therapy. Your progress doesn’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to be great at them, but when you set resolutions, you give your life focus,” suggests the psychic who intends to get real about her health, wealth and relationships this year.

Other psychics like Maryanne ext. 9146 and Joyce ext. 9598 prefer to review goals daily, rather than put pressure on that one big day of the year. This way they can size opportunities which appear throughout the year, and give purpose and priorities to each day. For some, it helps to break out of their routine comfort levels to align themselves with their will.

Our psychics say they are not perfect at making or keeping resolutions, but they do give great thought to their creation. Make simple resolutions which are a joy to keep throughout the year, they advise.

“I will walk or ride my bike everyday,” promises Maryanne.

“I plan to play with the law of attraction,” tells Tammy ext. 9380.

“I will drink more water and be disciplined about yoga,” reveals Joyce.

Resolutions should be helpful, not a hassle. If you find you are unhappy with your intentions, no matter how simple your resolutions appear to be… give yourself permission to revise them, concludes Tammy. No one will mind, but you!

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