Mainstream Mysticism

For most of us, it isn’t that much of a stretch of the imagination to believe in psychics and other mystical forces that help guide and enhance our lives. Yet it wasn’t that long ago, that our beliefs were not as readily acceptable.

Today, more and more people are attracted to the benefits of unseen forces enhancing and helping us understand the world around us. Besides the obvious popularity of books, television shows and movies based on psychic subjects, popular media polls are reporting that the numbers of true believers is growing.

In 2005 three in four American’s (or 73%) had at least one paranormal belief out of a list of ten possibilities, according to the Gallop Poll. ESP, haunted houses, ghosts, communicating through mental telepathy, belief in astrology and communicating with the dead were all on the list. Late last year, a CBS poll found that 48% of Americans believe in ghosts. And a poll taken by Fox News, shows that 44% of those polled believe in psychics.

Professional advice
So it’s no surprise that when the economic downturn proved to be frighteningly real, the New York Times, which regularly features stories on cultural trends, ran two articles on the growing number of financial professionals, “…advice givers themselves, in fields like real estate and investments who typically hand over anywhere from $75 to $1000 an hour,” to their tried and true personal psychic advisor. And Newsweek, named one East Coast intuitive (Laura Day), who acts as a corporate business consultant to big name companies and individuals, the “$10,000 per month psychic.”

The new psychologists
In a recent National Public Radio segment produced by Youth Radio, it was revealed that the younger generation is pretty open to all things psychic. They feel that when talking to people who are hurting, compassion is key – and psychics have plenty of compassion. People want someone to listen and help them work through their feelings. For more serious issues, psychologists have always been the best bet. However, if you’re simply looking for hope, direction or reassurance for the future, sitting on a chair analyzing everything flawed about your character and discussing parental issues probably isn’t your best bet.

That’s why psychic advisers have become more popular in the last few years with people in their 20’s. They figure, you don’t need a fancy degree to be intuitive! A psychic in some cases may offer more bang for your buck – if you’re on a budget and you know what it is you want to talk about, you can simply ask your question and get feedback in one session. Plus, the gift of Clairvoyance can come in very handy in love and in job searches. A psychic can quickly offer insight on how your future might pan out – and that’s an attractive proposition.

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