Psychic in Training

The majority of psychics appear to be born with the gifts of their profession. These talents are often discovered, nurtured and perfected from childhood on. Then there are others whose metaphysical talents “appear” relatively late in life (after age 40) – perhaps having lay dormant for years and years.

Or, theorizes Jacqueline ext. 9472 , these late blooming psychics may have paid off a karmic debt after which the universe responds with, “Great! Here’s your reward.” The Clairvoyant and Medium understands the phenomenon well, having come into her own psychic gifts in the year 2000. (Jacqueline had been pronounced dead after a car accident, but was resuscitated.) “I thought I was losing my mind, when it began happening…” she admits. “I was a wreck.” Luckily she had a psychic friend who helped her understand what she was experiencing.

Recently, the intuitive has been working with a new client who is going through that discovery stage of “Whoa, I think I’m psychic… How did this happen?” According to Jacqueline, “Sadie (not her real name) has a whole list of emotions to go along with it. She’s fascinated, excited, frightened and worried about what and who to trust… and that’s just the shortlist.”

When Sadie called the psychic initially, it was to validate what she believed to be true about a coworker. She had no idea as to why she had gotten the information so strongly or if she was correct.

“I have an employee who came in late one morning, saying she had just been questioned by the police. She told me that her boyfriend had been arrested, but there was not enough evidence to hold him. I feel like I know the whole truth about what happened! I believe that both she and her boyfriend and another friend were involved – they burglarized a home and then set fire to it.”

Jacqueline validated the information from her caller and added that they would both be arrested within days, and stand trial for the crime.

“It’s so good to hear that you agree with me. I didn’t know who to tell or what to do. I had another vision a few weeks ago… I ended up telling my boyfriend that I just knew his 12 year-old son was having a difficult time saying ‘no’ to drugs. His friends were experimenting- and he’d even gone along on a drug buy. The pressure on him was intense.”

It turned out that Sadie’s visions and feelings were correct. Her boyfriend was grateful for the forewarning, yet he backed off romantically after the incident. “I’m so afraid to tell any other friends about the feelings I’m getting about them. They’ll think I’m crazy, too,” Sadie continued. “My best friend’s grandmother just passed. She’s been visiting me with a message. What do I do with all of this?” Jacqueline’s caller asked uneasily.

“She wants you to tell her granddaughter that everything is good between them – that’s why she left her the money,” the psychic responded.

“Yes, exactly!” Sadie confirmed with a sense of relief.

“What if you reworded your messages and passed them on as if you had an idea, rather than a vision or a visitation. Would you be comfortable approaching your friends with the information you get in that way?”

“That might work. I’d feel safer… yet I’d still be helping people out by telling them what I know,” Sadie concluded.

Over the next six calls, Jacqueline taught Sadie how to go into a quiet space within herself and meditate, to learn to trust her messages, to turn her psychic senses on and off, and to get clarity using Angel cards. “I’m walking Sadie through this learning period,” the Clairvoyant says. “She’s beginning to feel comfortable with her intuition – she’s completely open to it. Sadie tells me I calm her down when I validate her messages.”

When Sadie last called Jacqueline, she mentioned that her boyfriend was warming up to her newfound talents, but didn’t want to know any details. “Sadie’s fine with that, but she did have another important question, for me.”

“Is the information coming from the light or from the dark? I really need to sort this out,” Sadie queried her psychic. “Though I do believe it comes from a good place…”

“You have a pure heart and I know you’re a person of good intention. Good intention attracts good. It’s also good practice to burn white candles when you work and to burn incense or sage at other times to keep negative energy out.”

“Good, I’ve been doing that. I just wanted to be sure,” Sadie said satisfied. “Thanks for helping me grow intuitively and helping me with my never-ending questions,” Sadie told her mentor enthusiastically. “I feel like I’m your psychic in training!”

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