Voice of The Spirit

Clairaudience is the ability to hear the whispers of your guides, or angels, or the Spirit, or even loved ones who’ve passed on. This is often one of the more difficult abilities to develop for the simple reason that we can’t develop what we reject. For many of us, hearing voices is the exact definition of being crazy. As a result, we repress this useful source of psychic information.

Nonetheless, almost everyone has had the experience of hearing a voice calling your name and realizing that no one else was present, or heard a voice warning of danger before an accident, or felt a whisper telling them not to trust someone and later finding this was absolutely right. Or even heard the thoughts of someone before they spoke, this type of mental telepathy is a common form of clairaudience.

Many mediums define it as not hearing with the ears but hearing with the inner mind. Your guides and even angels may be speaking softly to you often, but if you don’t want to hear them you won’t. Your guides will always respect your free will. If you do want to hear these divinely inspired voices you first have to set that intention. Make a firm decision to deal with your fear and explore this ability.

Next, develop and practice a clearing and protection ritual that works for you. There are a variety of these rituals described in spiritual books and on the Web. Choose one that suits you. Then practice it again and again until you are certain that you can consistently evoke a strong sense of peace, calm and protection around you at will. This is important because there are lesser spirits, un-evolved spirits and nasty spirits about, and you want an effective filter to remove them from your environment.

How do you know if you’re hearing your own thoughts or the voice of Spirit? At first you won’t be sure but when you get better at picking up spirit voices, you’ll recognize the difference between the sound of yourself and the clear, bell-like tone of the higher spirits. Some psychics describe their learning process as starting with faint voices, or sounds interrupted with static similar to a bad cellular phone connection, or voices that sound flat or metallic. Some beginners hear only static, or feel tingling going up the body, or in an ear or on one side of the head. While frustrating, this is a sign that your mind is learning to tune into the voices, to open the channels. Ask your guides to help strengthen the transmission.

As your abilities grow in strength over time, the voices will grow in clarity. They will become clear as a bell and it will be obvious to you that this is the voice of Spirit. However, this subtle ability often takes a very long time to develop, so go into this process expecting to learn patience.

Another experience of the beginning medium is to hear a rabble of voices, many spirits speaking at the same time. Ask your guides to help you discern the voice(s) that have the most important information for you. Also, you can ask for the voices to speak more slowly and more clearly.

If you’ve ever watched James Van Praagh, Sylvia Browne or John Edward you’ve probably seen them smile and listen intently, exactly as people do at a crowded dinner party. They’ve developed the ability to tune into one voice at a time, even when many impatient spirits have come for the express purpose of speaking to a loved one in the audience. All of these experienced mediums also seem to be having a conversation with the spirit during the reading. And they are. Over time, with patience, you too can tune into a single, clear voice directly.

You’ll progress when your protection ritual is well practiced, when you’ve developed the ability to stay open, present and relaxed for longer and longer periods of time. If you only feel tingles, don’t worry. Stay with it and your ability will unfold.

Always ask your guide to be with you and help you during these moments of intentional mediation. Your guide may insist on your developing the ability of patience and concentration before you are allowed to receive voices.

Here’s a suggested form for you to practice clairaudience:

1. Choose a place and time when you won’t be interrupted.

2. Perform your protection ritual.

3. Ask for your guide to come work with you.

4. Sit patiently and scan your body; are you fully relaxed? Is any part of your body light or tingly? Focus on these sensations.

5. Ask for the ability of clairaudience to develop naturally and for the good of all beings.

6. Ask a question. Listen for answers. Initially you may not receive anything, but persist and you will. In some cases, a thought will pop into your head. Don’t automatically reject this as just your own thoughts.

7. Make notes of any sensations, sounds, or words.

8. Keep repeating this exercise again and again over a long period of time. You will develop this ability given enough patience.

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