A Psychic Find

Some readings stand out in a psychic’s mind because the whole experience was a bit of an adventure. “On this particular call my client and I really connected and despite the fact that she was in great distress at the beginning of the reading, her issues were resolved by the end of the call,” tells Joey ext. 9406, an Empath who uses Tarot cards to give her signs, symbols and direction for her readings.

“I’m crazed, I’m so upset… My husband and I are fighting. I’ve torn up the house looking for something. I’ve got to find it, but I first I need to know if you think we’ll make it. I mean how mad is he? Is he leaving? Am I leaving? What will he do?” Lillian (not her real name) asked the psychic anxiously.

Joey spread out a Celtic Cross with her Tarot cards, and asked Lillian to wait until she listened to the entire spread before asking another question.

“Bad cards kept coming up,” Joey remembers. “Cheating cards, the Devil card, the Magician, the Seven of Swords the Five of Swords… all of the cards that come up when things are not going well.” Joey knew they’d gone to counseling, that there was another woman involved, and her caller agreed with absolutely everything she said.

As the reading went on the Empath got a stomach ache, felt some bad energy sensations and got visuals of the two involved in lots and lots of yelling. “I couldn’t find any reason for Lillian to feel optimistic about their relationship,” the intuitive revealed saying that she looked hard to try to find something positive.

But Lillian wasn’t bothered by the report she got from the intuitive on the state of her rocky union. Instead, Lillian again brought up the fact that she was looking for something that she would only vaguely describe as “something.”

“She was freaking out,” Joey described, saying things like “I know he’s going to blackmail me. I’ve got to find it… You won’t believe what it is, it’s so awful.”

“I’m not going to judge you,” Joey assured her client.

“It’s sex tape… I mean I’m in it!” she offered hysterically. Lillian described a sweet but potentially embarrassing video that she and her husband had made during happier days. “I had completely forgotten about it. He brought it up during a fight the other night and he said, he’s going to show it to friends if I leave – and he’s the one having the affair! I’ve looked in his office, his car, his drawers… Can you find it? Where do you think it is?”

Finding lost objects is not necessarily one of Joey’s strongest suits as a psychic, so she revealed this information to Lillian. But Lillian was so upset that she decided to have her try anyway. “I didn’t feel that her husband would show the tape to anyone, but never-the-less, she needed to feel secure about making decisions freely,” Joey explained.

As she focused on her Tarot cards again, Joey was able to see Lillian’s kitchen door. When she looked into the kitchen she saw that the door to the garage was also open, and found herself describing a relatively clean, spacious two-car garage.

“I feel like it’s in a pouch type of a thing, like a tool pouch,” Joey suggested.

“He has a tool box, but I already looked there,” Lillian said totally engrossed in their search.

“It’s a pouch kind of thing,” Joey assessed now also getting that the pouch might be brownish suede or leather. “Oh! Is there a golf bag standing in the corner?

“Yes!” Lillian replied.

“Look in there.”

Joey heard the clanging sounds of a golf bag being dumped out…

“Found it!” Lillian said with excitement

“And then she just hung up, just like that!” Joey says with great amusement.

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