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Thoughts and Beliefs

It's human nature to inadvertently develop habits. From biting your nails to tapping your toes, everyone has idiosyncrasies, for better and for worse. So, it follows that we also develop thought habits -- ... read more
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Write the Winning Resume

So, you've set your mind to either make the transition into another job or you've been on the job hunt for sometime now - but you can't seem to get any call backs from potential employers. If this sounds ... read more
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Rejection Translation

Incompatibility goes both ways. And generally, rejection is simply when one party spots incompatibility before the other. So the next time you're feeling down because you got dissed, consider this: it's ... read more
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The Other BYOB: Build Your Own Business

Tired of working for the man? Got a great idea that you think will make you a ton of cash? There are a lot of reasons to start your own business. After all, being self-employed offers freedom in both hours ... read more
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Make the connection

It's easy to get wrapped up in our personal concerns and challenges. It's only natural for our daily lives to take center stage. Some people call it living in a bubble or living on another planet, however ... read more
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Stuck in a Dead-End Job?

We've all heard the phrase. Many of us have even felt the pain - the pain of being stuck in a dead-end job with no prospects on the horizon. It goes something like this: same thing everyday, same ... read more
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Don’t Be an April Fool!

So there are tons of lists of what to do on a first date: go somewhere you can actually speak, try an activity date, be yourself! But what shouldn't you do if you want to put your best foot forward? Take ... read more
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