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Feeling stuck in a work related situation? You’re not alone. Job issues continue to be high on the list of problems we all face as citizens of the planet. But if you’re tapped out of resources and feel like you just can’t possibly be any more proactive than you already are, we’ve got a few pointers from the ancients. Take just a few of these Feng Shui tips and you may see your luck – and your energy – change!

The Chinese have been using Feng Shui to enhance all areas of their lives for literally thousands of years. While the idea of moving your household around in order to achieve a certain end may sound a little far out to some, consider this: Feng Shui is simply a way of telling the universe you’re ready to accept your desires as a part of your life.

If you don’t welcome abundance, it’s a long shot to pour in. But if you literally make room for whatever it is you want it follows that the chances you’ll get it certainly aren’t going to be hurt. In fact, armed as we are with the power to create our own realities, one has to conclude that it will help, even if only by shifting your perspective.

So, if you’re looking to move forward in your career, whether it’s by getting a new job, getting a promotion, shifting gears altogether or finding a way to be happy where you are, consider making the following changes around your home and office. You may be surprised at the result!

Welcome energy
Feng Shui experts suggest that you hang wind chimes outside near the front door and place a birdbath or bird feeder in your front yard if you’re looking to advance in your career. Why? Both are examples of ways to enhance the amount of energy surrounding your home. So what do you do if you don’t have a front yard, or don’t particularly like the sound of wind chimes? Think of other ways to reflect the same sentiment. For instance, consider playing more music around the house, installing walkway lights or burning incense near your front door. A welcome mat or colorful flag are other common signs of a Feng Shui home. Whatever you do, an inviting atmosphere (from the point of entrance) is the key to bringing new elements (like money and success) to your door.

Ah, water
One of the first elements of a Feng Shui home is running water. Placed near your front door it symbolizes the flowing of money – abundance – in your life. On top of that, it’s a soothing sound. There’s a reason (probably several!) that spas and relaxation centers often have flowing fountains. First, imagine the peace you’ll feel with the gentle sound of water flowing laying the backdrop to your days. Then, remember what it stands for. Thought-action is one of the most important elements for those who practice Feng Shui. In other words, these symbols serve to remind you of what you’re seeking (and welcoming). Belief creates reality.

Make room for the new
There’s no better way to clear the clutter of your mind than to clear the clutter of your home! Clean lines and minimal furnishings are the hallmarks of a Feng Shui state of being – and with good reason! Think about it. When we let things we don’t need pile up it’s as if we’re telling the universe we’ve got to hold on to the unnecessary – for fear we’ll never be able to replace it.

One of the first things financial expert Suze Orman recommends in her book, The Courage To Be Rich, is that you go through your home and find at least 30 – that’s right 30 – things you no longer need that you can donate to charity or throw away. And there’s a method to her madness. By accepting and believing – with every fiber of your being – that you can and will earn the money to replace things that are broken, worn or simply no longer of use or necessary, you will make that happen. The same goes for opportunities. Don’t take those you don’t truly want – and if finances dictate you’ve got no choice, don’t stay in them any longer than you have to. The basic root of this tip: empty and be full. Live it, love it, learn it. It’s a basic key to success – and happiness.

Wish list
If you haven’t caught on yet, there’s nothing like reminding yourself of what you want and what your intentions are. This last recommendation takes that quite literally! Feng Shui experts suggest making lists of your career goals. But don’t stop there. Consider what you’d do if you never had to work again. If money were no object, how would you spend your time? Where would you find satisfaction? Write these things down too, and place your lists in key spots of your home (the office, near a mirror, over the sink come to mind). The idea is that you’ll be more likely to start incorporating these aspects of yourself into your day to day if you remember that they exist. In turn, you will be more fulfilled and thereby, more successful.

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