Greek Goddess: Aphrodite

Searching for the perfect aphrodisiac to get your love life going? Look no further than Aphrodite, the Greek goddess whose very name has become synonymous with love and sensuality. According to mythology, an angry god cut off another god’s genitals (yikes!) and threw them into the ocean, where they transformed into immortal sea foam from which Aphrodite was born.

Considering the passionate circumstances of her birth, it’s no surprise that Aphrodite grew to be the Goddess of Love. If you’re looking to add some love to your life, follow these tips to channel your inner Aphrodite.

Her story…
When Aphrodite was born she was expected to be a gentle girl, embodying the sweetness of love. But Aphrodite turned out to be a sensual, passionate creature whose adventurous life was far from sweet. The Goddess of Love and Beauty was vain, fickle and had a hell of a temper, but she also knew how to live life to the fullest.

So what can you learn from Aphrodite? Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Instead of just relying on your brain to make decisions, follow your heart, too. Like Aphrodite herself, love is not rational. It requires taking risks that sometimes end in heartbreak, but just might lead to unparalleled joy.

People who love life are wiling to take those risks. They figure out what they want and go after it. They allow themselves to feel at the deepest level. Develop this kind of attitude, and you’ll find there’s a whole lot more to love about life then you ever realized. Even more, you’ll discover you have an exciting aura that draws other people to you.

Love your friends
The Goddess of Love was a beautiful, sensual creature who could have any man (or god!) she wanted. But even Aphrodite understood the importance of having good girlfriends. Rather than spending all of her time waiting around for romance, Aphrodite befriended a group of beautiful nymphs known for their blissful gardens and lovely singing.

Whether you’re settled down with the love of your life, or a swinging single looking for Mr. Right, you can learn a lot from Aphrodite’s friendship with the nymphs. Girlfriends offer a unique support that men just can’t give; women understand the frustrations – and the fun – of being female.

Be sure to forge friendships with women who are strong, smart and loyal. It won’t help your love life (or anything else) to settle for friends who use, manipulate or hurt you.

Fabulous female friends can teach you a lot about love. When they talk about their romances, pay attention and you’ll gain insight into your own love life. And when you’re going out with the girls, don’t think of them as your competition for men. You never know when a good girlfriend might introduce you to the man of your dreams!

Love yourself
The word “aphrodisiac” originally referred to a festival celebrated across all of Greece in Aphrodite’s honor. You might not be able to convince your entire neighborhood to worship you, but you can still take a cue from the gorgeous goddess.

Don’t wait for others to bow at your own feet, start your own celebration! Every morning, make a list of five things you like about yourself. If you can’t get past the negatives, make a commitment to improving yourself and seek out support to help make those changes – but use every morning to refocus on the positives. Keep the lists in a journal, so when you’re feeling down you can remind yourself why you’re so great.

Learning to love yourself also means taking care of yourself. Devote time every day to pampering yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Treat yourself to a massage and a manicure. Take a nap on the beach. Read an inspiring book. Practice some new yoga moves. Cook an amazing meal – just for you. Lay in the grass and dwell in your own fabulousness! You deserve it. You’re a wonderful person, remember?

So how does loving yourself help in the dating department? It’s kind of like a sales person who doesn’t believe in the product she’s selling; if you don’t genuinely like yourself, how are you going to convince a date to like you? Celebrating yourself on a regular basis helps you remember why you’re such a great catch – and confidence is sexy! Plus, if you really learn to love yourself, you’ll be happy whether you’re involved in a romance or not.

Your inner Aphrodite
Remember, even the Goddess of Love had her ups and downs. She was a flawed being who struggled with romance as much as the average woman. Yet Aphrodite’s legacy of passion endures because she always followed her heart.

So next time you’re feeling a little lovelorn, let out your inner Aphrodite! You never know where your heart will lead you.

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