5 Tips for Turning up the Heat

Hot, oiled bodies. Languid days in the sun. A whisper of recklessness in the air. With a little effort, these steamy days can become the ultimate setting for passion. Whether you’re kindling a summer fling or trying to fan the flames for the season, a few simple gestures can help keep your fires burning strong.

Teasers and promises
There’s nothing like a little anticipation to knock the sexual chemistry up a notch. Plant Post-it love notes in conspicuous places, send him racy text messages or hide pictures of you where he’ll find them later. The possibilities don’t end there. Be creative – what can he find tomorrow that will drive him wild enough to race home to be with you, no matter how busy he is? More of a romantic than a tease? Your gestures don’t have to be suggestive. Maybe wash his car one hot afternoon or buy tickets for something he’d love and stow them in his briefcase or shirt pocket. Thoughtfulness is provocative, too, and reminding him that he’s special, whatever the method, will keep the passion burning for both of you long beyond the summer.

Hot and wet
Plan an activity that embraces the heat and offers a cooling solution. Heating up can be even more fun when you know you’re not far from an energizing cool-down. Set a day aside and head to a water park. They’re great summer dates for grown-ups. Where else can you get in an adrenaline rush, frolic like children, then relax poolside together…and repeat?

The home treatment
After a long summer day of work (or play) come home to a private massage parlor. Set the mood ahead of time with lighting (colored light bulbs or decorative shades can completely transform a room) and a selection of music. Stock your parlor with everything you might need — oils, lotions, towels – so you never have to leave or break the mood. If you have the privacy, try transforming the living room instead of a bedroom. Move furniture aside and cover the floor with pillows and blankets to create a setting dedicated for closeness and pleasure.

Losing the layers
Summer is the perfect excuse to skimp on the clothing. Dress for the weather, and have a barbeque for just the two of you. It doesn’t matter if your grilling talents are sub-par; he’ll love anything you grill in a bikini. If you don’t have a backyard for the occasion, improvise. Get your bathing-suit-clad bodies in the kitchen and fire up some romance.

Surprise, surprise
Whoever you are – man, woman, Casanova or cynic – surprises are always romantic. Think of little surprises like sneaking into his place and preparing a favorite meal or leaving thoughtful gifts (this works if you live together, too). Or scheme at big surprises like sneaking away for a champagne toast on a hot air balloon. There’s something inherently intimate about being hundreds of feet above the world, not knowing where you’ll end up together. A little closer to earth, you might plan an entire day or evening of his favorite activities. He doesn’t have to think about anything, or know where you’re going until you get there.

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