Talk Like a Gemini

Every sign has its strengths. Scorpios are seductive, Pisces are dreamy, Aries are strong. Gemini, the sign through which the sun is currently transiting, is a talker. Whether it’s by masterfully executing a speech for the masses or babbling opponents into a state of utter confusion, the Twins have got verbal communication down! The good news is you, too, can talk like a Gemini – and now is the time to learn since the Sun remains in this two sided sign until moving onto sensitive Cancer on June 21st.

Follow these tips and you’ll be a master communicator in no time!

Know a little bit about a lot
One reason a Gemini can always initiate a conversation is that they tend to know a little bit about a lot of things. This makes for a broad range of likeability – you may notice Geminis can strike up a friendship with just about anyone. Being able to reach many people on many levels also makes the Twins easy to talk to… or at least it seems that way, which is good enough at the start.

It’s the framing that counts
Some of us tend to blather on when we want to get something, offering all kinds of extraneous reasons why we should get it. Gemini understands that in order to get what you want, not every detail needs to be included in an argument or persuasion. In fact, the Twins tend to leave out little details that are extraneous or don’t support the cause. This may seem underhanded, and sure, sometimes it is, but using only supportive facts to get your point across doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being dishonest. You’re being persuasive. And in the end, you’ll be more likely to succeed.

All in good pun
Gemini is witty. It comes naturally to them. While wordplay is easier for some than others, it is a skill you can learn. Find interesting ways of expressing yourself – if not a pun (not everybody rolls like that) then with a metaphor. If you’re a little shy, or simply not the type to be flowery when you speak, become an expert at being quick and to the point. Efficiency with words is just as impressive. And don’t forget to use your newfound eloquence when you write. In fact, you may find it easier that way – and it’s great practice for the next time you go face to face.

Stimulate your mind
Word games are high on Gemini’s list of enjoyable activities – and why not? It makes sense that a master communicator would have fun with the crossword or games like Boggle and Scrabble. Get to know these games. Give the Sunday Times crossword a go. The larger your vocabulary, the better you’ll be at getting your point across. And no one gets his point across quite like a Gemini.

Lastly, if all else fails, do what Gemini does: Talk so much about all the varying sides of an issue or situation that you make absolutely no sense. If you’ve truly mastered the art of talking like the Twins, no one else will notice… Actually, they will, but they’ll be fooled into thinking you were just to smart for them to keep up with!

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