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From Richard Gere climbing the fire escape in Pretty Woman to John Cusack holding up the boom box in Say Anything, declarations of love in the movies are nothing short of magic. In real ... read more

Love or Lust?

Ok, you know you like him. You really, really like him. But your raging hormones have left your head (and your heart) spinning. Is it love at first sight or just a temporary overload of the pituitary ... read more

Call Back Your Energy

Your energy has the uncanny ability to transport itself through space and time. Every time you have a thought your energy follows. So if you love someone you send them energy. If you're angry you also send ... read more

Alternative Relationships

Love is considered by all religious and spiritual traditions to be the highest value and the highest good. Unfortunately, not all loves (or lovers) are looked upon fondly by society at large. For that ... read more

Cold Busters

For many, Winter can be a dark time. Not just because the sun sets at an earlier hour, but long hours in doors can start to affect your mood - and not for the better! Be proactive and beat those Winter ... read more
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