Houses in Your Dreams

Dreams about houses, schools, churches and other structures can offer enlightening clues about your love life, sexuality, career, health and other areas of your life. Just as important is the condition of the building (clean, dirty, cluttered), which reveals even more clues about what’s happening with you. Read on . . .

House: Dreaming about your home can be especially illuminating about your life. Much depends on the room in which the dream takes place (see below). Also, pay attention to the state of the room. For instance, a messy area indicates a need to clean up your act – a cluttered room denotes too much going on in your life and the need to prioritize and get organized. A barren room can mean you’re not taking enough time for family or for activities that nurture you. Additionally, dreaming of an unknown house indicates talents or issues you’re currently unaware of or are in the process of exploring (great time for therapy!).

Living room: Reveals the state of your everyday life. Note the people in the room – they may play an important role in issues or activities in your life. Strangers can symbolize unknown aspects of yourself that you’re connecting with.

Dining room or kitchen: Reveals clues to your health, especially pertaining to your diet. Note what you’re eating (healthy food or junk?) and the state of the room (filth indicates the need to revise your diet).

Bedroom: Reveals the state of your sexuality. Are you happy in the dream? Frustrated? Cleaning the room means you’re working on achieving a healthier sex life. Bedrooms can also reveal concerns about privacy/boundaries (are you being watched or intruded upon in the dream?).

Bathroom: Assuming you don’t need to pee (literally!), bathrooms indicate a need to eliminate unneeded or harmful physical, mental or emotional stuff, such as possessions, people or negative attitudes.

Attic: Symbolizes the super-conscious, which is connected to your higher power. How in tune are you with your spirituality? Is the attic bright (in tune), dark (oblivious), cluttered (too busy for faith)?

Basement: Symbolizes the unconscious. A bright basement indicates you’re in touch with your inner life. A dark basement means you’re in the dark about certain issues in your life, and a cluttered basement symbolizes emotional issues that are complicating your life and need to be resolved.

School: Symbolizes learning. Are you learning your lessons in life, or doing the same mistakes over and over again? Dreaming of an elementary school points to a lesson about your childhood. Dreaming of a university indicates you’re learning at a higher (perhaps more spiritual) level. If you dream of a university and you’re a college student, the dream may be a commentary on your classes (are you overwhelmed? distracted? doing well?) and goals for the future.

Place of worship: Indicates the state of your spiritual life. A beautiful place or feeling denotes you’re on a strong spiritual path. An ugly place or negative feeling indicates you’re too caught up in the material world. Or you may feel spiritually restricted by others telling you what to believe.

Post office: Can symbolize a psychic message trying to get through to you. Or perhaps you’re not “getting the message” about an issue in your life.

Office: Symbolizes your work. The condition of the room, activities taking place and the people involved can reveal if you’re on the right track, or need to head off in a different direction.

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