Mars Between the Sheets

Mars is the planet of passion. It reveals not only your sexual desires, but how you handle anger as well. It’s all about energy. In a relationship, knowing your partner’s Mars sign gives you an inside look at what turns them on. If you need to spruce up your sex life, accessing their Mars is the way to go.

Fiery Mars signs
People with Mars in the Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the go-getters of the zodiac. Fiery and passionate, they like spontaneity in bed and appreciate a partner who is very direct in expressing their sexuality.

Aries is the most assertive of the Mars signs. You like the thrill of the chase and get bored easily. You appreciate a partner who keeps you on your toes – in and out of the bedroom. You have an in-your-face sexual style, using clothing and body language to rev up your powers of attraction. However, you’re a bit selfish and need to take your partner’s feelings into account. When angry, you can blow up in a fiery rage, but you get over it quickly and completely.

Mars in Leo leads with the heart. When you’re in love, passion takes over your body, mind and soul. You need a partner who isn’t afraid to show you how they feel. After all, Leo needs to feel appreciated. But in return, you give of yourself wholeheartedly with warmth and generosity especially in bed. When angry, you either roar like the lion or go off into a corner to lick your wounds. Sincere expressions of love and contrition from your partner will make you come around again.

Sagittarius is the most adventurous and fun-loving of the Mars signs. You like sex in varied locales, positions – and sometimes people. Yes, you’re a bit fickle and may have difficulty settling down. That is, until you find someone you can have fun with, who makes you laugh and has a spiritual connection with you. When angry, you react quickly and often speak before you think. However, your positive attitude usually resumes quickly after the storm.

Airy Mars signs
People with Mars in the Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the masters of flirtation and are attracted to brainiacs. Words and foreplay go together, so they appreciate a partner who is vocally expressive in bed and will tell them what they need sexually.

Gemini is the wittiest of the Mars signs. Playful repartee turns you on, especially if your partner can match you intellectually. Be it lusty or loving, love letters are your forte. Holding conversations in bed is also a turn-on, so you need a partner who is talkative between the sheets. When angry, you are most comfortable turning off your feelings and debating solely on logic. This is fine in the business arena but can be disconcerting to those closest to you.

Libra is the naughty-but-nice Mars sign. You’re a mix of graciousness and sexiness. You’re turned on by beauty and appreciate a partner who has a keen sense of style. In bed, you’re just as concerned with your partner’s pleasure as your own. After all, Libra is the sign of fairness. However, you may have trouble expressing anger and turn to passive aggressive behavior instead. On the plus side, you see both sides to every confrontation and strive to fight fair.

Mars in Aquarius is the rule-breaker. You’re turned on by people who defy convention and are unique, even brilliant. In bed, you like to experiment with different techniques, positions and even gadgets. You need a partner who shares your curiosity about sexuality. When angered, you tend to detach from your feelings and aren’t adverse to shocking the people who pissed you off. Fortunately, you’re a humanist at heart and endeavor to understanding where they’re coming from.

Watery Mars signs
People with Mars in the Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are soulfully sexual. That is, their feelings are profoundly connected to their sexuality. A strong emotional bond with their partner ignites their deepest passion.

Cancer is the sentimental Mars sign. You’re turned on by gestures that connect you to your partner emotionally, such as playing “our” song or reminiscing about the times you’ve enjoyed together. An intimate home-cooked meal in a comfortable, homey environment is the perfect prelude to a romp between the sheets. Being exceptionally sensitive, your tendency is to crawl into your shell when angry instead of confronting your partner who needs to treat you gently.

With Mars in Scorpio, passion runs strong and deep. Your penetrating nature enables you to thoroughly explore not only your partner’s body, but their mind and soul as well. All things mysterious turn you on – creating a dark, sultry ambiance and sexy (hidden) lingerie are probably part of your amorous arsenal. When angry, you can seethe forever before your control falters and you erupt like a volcano. Forgiveness and letting go of resentment are your challenges.

Pisces is the spiritual Mars sign. What turns you on is being “one” with your partner. You need to create a soul-to-soul connection. You’re attracted to sensitive, artistic people who have a compassionate nature. Pisces rules fantasy, so you can excel at keeping your partner mesmerized by imaginative costumes and role-playing. When angry, Pisces also excels at denial, so you may deny (or not even realize) you’re angry until your partner clobbers you over the head with evidence to the contrary.

Earthy Mars signs
People with Mars in the Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are physically oriented and super sensual – they love touching and being touched. Sex is best when accompanied by scrumptious food and plenty of foreplay.

Taurus is the most sensual of the Mars signs. Hugs, massages, foot rubs and even walks in nature heat up your natural instincts. If food is served before a frolic between the sheets, all the better. You’re a practical soul, so you’re attracted to people who are emotionally and financially stable. You need consistency in relationships and are loyal to the one you love. When angered, you do slow burn, but watch out if pushed too far – this bull can stampede!

Mars in Virgo is sensual but discriminating. You’re turned on by someone who is controlled and has their act together – and who lives up to your high standards. You can appear reserved, but when aroused, your wanton side takes over. Virgo is the healer, so your partner undoubtedly appreciates your healing touch – your massages will put anyone under your spell. When angry, your analytical side emerges. But at some point, a cathartic tirade to blow off steam becomes a necessity.

Mars in Capricorn is a patient, thorough lover. You take your time with your partner, and can prolong a bedroom tryst until the wee hours of the morning. You’re attracted to people who are sexy but down to earth. No pretentiousness for you! You delight in all forms of physical enjoyment; even hard but satisfying physical labor can be a turn on for you. When angry, you need time to process your feelings, so the blow-up often comes long after the confrontation.

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