Being Single and Sensual

Humans need to be touched. Physical contact is important for both our mental and physical well-being, science tells us. It’s not unusual for individuals to go for long periods of time without even getting a hug from another person. When in a relationship we may take kisses and hugs for granted, but when single, we may lament the loss of touch and sensuality in our lives. So, how does a single person find the nurturing and sensual feelings of touch without going the route of one night stands and quick flings?

Pamper your body
One of the best ways to receive touch is to go for a healing massage. Beyond the obvious relaxation of working out tension in your body, massage is a healthy, sensual form of touch. If you aren’t ready to experience a full body massage, try a chair massage, or even a manicure or pedicure. The attention and mini massages you receive during these treatments can also provide a nurturing touch. Other spa treatments you can try include facials, body wraps and spa scrubs. Any of these will reconnect you to your body in a therapeutic way.

Senses equal five
Our sensuality doesn’t stop at touch. We can indulge our senses by standing on a beach, taking in the view and allowing the ocean breeze to graze our skin. The smell of the salt water can bring comfort as well as the feeling of sand between our toes. If you’re living in a cold climate indulge in plush blankets, down pillows, or soft and silky sheets. Even if you’re sleeping in them alone, your bed will seem as if it’s embracing you. If you have a fireplace, sit and take in the warmth and glow of the flames. Invite friends over and cook a textured meal. Try new foods with rich flavors or spices and see how your tongue (and your stomach) can be touched in a sensual way. Sharing that experience with others also awakens joy – for to eat and laugh and talk with others is a deeply sensual experience.

Communal contact
A good way to gain some sense of community and self is to join a local football, soccer or softball team. Join a co-ed group to meet new people, interact in nature in a fun and competitive way, all while getting a great physical workout. If this seems out of your realm, try community theatre or even a volunteer organization that works with children, the elderly or animals. Sometimes, helping someone across the street, or taking someone’s hand can’t be underrated as a connection. If you volunteer to work with animals or even adopt one, studies prove over and over that pets decrease stress and are a wonderful addition to any home, especially your single one.

At the end of the day, you are a physical and sensual being and it is up to you to stay connected to that part of yourself. Whether you exercise, volunteer or go for a long drive with the top down, you can satiate your senses as a single person and maybe even meet a potential paramour in the process.

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