Your LOVECAST™: Sexy Talk With Eloquence

Sexy talk with a touch of eloquence inspires love on Saturday. However, romance feels stymied on Thursday and chaotic on Friday – see what you can do about it!

Week of February 23 – 29, 2008


Pisces: Use your artistic imagination to inspire romance this weekend, although Sunday is more serious and practical. Passion scorches the sheets on Monday. Your inner voice guides you in love on Tuesday, so listen up! Spiritual discussions or exploring exotic locales heat up romance on Wednesday. Your significant other challenges you on Thursday or Friday.

Aries: Love is in full bloom on Saturday, when friends bring delight, too. Don’t promise too much on Sunday. Monday is lusty! Words and actions can collide on Tuesday, so think before you move forward. A trip or spiritual activity can inspire romance on Wednesday. Ideals and practicality clash on Thursday. Romance and travel are chaotic on Friday.



Taurus: Your artistry (beautiful clothing, music, bedroom ambiance) inspires romance on Saturday. Love feels slow or limited on Sunday. A twosome rendezvous fires up passion on Monday. A communication snafu with your partner is likely on Tuesday. Reveal your adventurous side on Wednesday! Intimacy feels heavy on Thursday. Objectivity is needed in love on Friday.


Gemini: Flirting moves into high gear on Saturday, so show off your wit. Family challenges you on Sunday. Let your instincts heat up the sheets on Monday, but instincts vie with logic on Tuesday. A twosome tryst fires you up on Wednesday. Thursday is all about relationship commitment or limitations. Your partner may go off the rails on Friday.


Cancer: Create an exotic setting at home and throw a party (for two?) on Saturday. Travel is challenging on Sunday. Use your creativity to heighten passion on Monday. Feelings seem off balance and unpredictable on Tuesday. An outdoor activity or gym flirtation stirs up passion on Wednesday. Watch words at work on Thursday. Freedom is the issue in love on Friday.


Leo: Your heart-felt words inspire love on Saturday, so don’t hold back! Sharing your dreams inspires romance on Sunday. Intensity in the bedroom or boardroom challenges (or delights!) you on Monday. Words are power (for good or bad) on Monday. Use your creativity to heighten romance on Wednesday. Love feels sluggish on Thursday and erratic on Friday.


Virgo: Your enthusiasm and humor heat up romance on Saturday. Self-imposed limitations are in your face on Sunday. Your wonton side takes over on Monday! Use your artistry with words to rev up romance on Tuesday. Passion needs a dose of adventure on Wednesday. Family may disrupt you plans on Thursday or Friday.


Libra: Love lands in the palm of your hand on Saturday, so reveal your heart. Feelings may be exaggerated on Sunday. Passion needs a release on Monday! A witty love letter can make you irresistible on Tuesday. Wicked flirtations heat up the sheets on Wednesday. However, use words carefully on Thursday and Friday, when misunderstandings are likely.


Scorpio: A sexy, serene locale makes passion sizzle on Saturday. Criticism can derail romance on Sunday. You’re insatiable between the sheets on Monday! Clear talk can resolve a family challenge on Tuesday. Your fiery side heats up romance on Wednesday, so plan a sexy rendezvous. Watch financial transactions on Thursday and Friday.


Sagittarius: Friendship and romance mix it up (in a good way!) on Saturday. Passion needs thoughtfulness on Sunday. Your naughty side takes the lead on Monday. Networking can bring opportunities on Tuesday. Your powers of attraction make you irritable on Wednesday. Limitations challenge you on Thursday. The need for a change can upset love on Friday.


Capricorn: Take the lead in making love happen on Saturday. Your control issues emerge on Sunday; lighten up! Your sensuality attracts attention on Monday. An unusual gift, gesture or words delight your lover on Tuesday. Your wild child takes over on Wednesday. An issue from the past needs to be resolved on Thursday or Friday.


Aquarius: Romance sizzles from an online romance or with someone from afar this weekend. If attached, share your vision of the future. Love feels complicated on Monday. Use your inventiveness to rev up romance on Tuesday. Friends instigate an exciting escapade on Wednesday. A friend may need your help on Thursday or Friday.

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