Business as Unusual

Some California Psychics have clients they’ve been reading for years. These psychics build relationships with their long-term callers who come to rely on their trusted intuition for regular rounds of second opinions, insight and clarification.

Zoe (not her real name), a 35-year old Florida-based small business owner, had originally consulted with Ciarra ext. 8624, a Clairvoyant and Tarot Reader about her relationship. Almost a year later, with a solid love match under her belt and a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring on her finger, (which she attributes to Ciarra’s insightful readings), she tackled the future of her corporate consulting company with the psychic.

“Zoe’s a worrier, especially about the small details of running a business, which is really why she’s so successful,” reports Ciarra. “We talk twice a month. Each time she calls with a specific question she’s already researched and considered the pros and cons of… Then she runs it by me to look for unexpected outcomes events or details she might have missed.”

Months ago, Ciarra predicted that Zoe’s business was about to skyrocket.

She saw that the energetic corporate consultant’s word-of-mouth reputation was about to make her rich and a little bit famous. The Tarot, which Ciarra describes as “an amazing and beautiful tool,” mixed with the psychic’s gift of Clairvoyance, told a story of the business growing at least three times more than her financial expectation. This in part would be due to an article for a national website, where Zoe would be interviewed about her company. “You need to hire someone now and train them… but for some reason you’re going to put it off,” the psychic revealed.

Despite their successful history together, Zoe took Ciarra’s words into consideration, but chose not to act on them. “I’ve hired help twice before and each time, they left me and opened a competing business,” Zoe complained to Ciarra. “If I continue to plan ahead and work out my schedule with you, I know I can handle this business on my own,” she responded.

Within a month, a business reporter called Zoe to get a few quotes for a story, and asked her to email in a photo of herself on the job. The reporter wasn’t sure that they would need it, but Zoe even hired a professional photographer to get a good shot. The story ran along with the photo and several clients called or emailed to tell her they saw it. “It was fun, but it was a tiny article… it just wasn’t a big deal, ” Zoe reported back to Ciarra.

“It’s a bigger deal than you think,” the Clairvoyant said as she put out a fresh Tarot spread. “Your demand is growing. Please hire someone else,” she responded. In the meantime, Zoe and her fiancé planned to take an extended holiday weekend. Her real reason for the call, she said, was to get Ciarra to make sure that the vacation wouldn’t cause any issues with clients.

The Clairvoyant consulted the cards. Seeing that the deluge of new business would come later, after their trip, she again encouraged Zoe to at least think about trying to find a trustworthy associate.

Zoe was adamant, that she would cross that bridge when and if she needed to…

When Zoe and her fiancé, Mitch, returned from their long, lazy weekend at a spa together she called Ciarra in a panic, before she finished opening her email. The consultant had been referred to a company in Chicago with several well-paying projects. A board member had seen the article and they wanted to know her availability.

She didn’t want to turn them down, but she couldn’t handle the projects on her own. Mitch, whom she trusted implicitly, had agreed to step in and help for the next month, but he would have to get back to his own career ASAP. “Sometimes my job, really just involves listening and calming down my clients,” Ciarra reveals about that call. “When I did look at the cards, I saw that she would find an experienced employee that she could trust, if she would just make the effort.” Zoe knew that she had no choice but to put out the word to employment agencies. She planned to call Ciarra right after the interviews and have her look into the best candidates.

Today, Ciarra recounts, Zoe still worries constantly, even though she has two full time employees and is making over $300,000 a year! The psychic and the consultant are still taking care of business together, but now that also includes making wedding plans.

“I have the best clients,” says Ciarra. “Clients don’t always hear what they want to hear from me… sometimes it’s what they need to hear! That’s what makes the business of being a psychic so exciting!”

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