Red Responds: That End of the World Stuff

Seth in Garfield writes:

Hi Red! Getting tired of constant advice to the lovelorn? I was wondering, what’s your take on all the “end of the world” stuff? I’ve always suspected that the Mayans might be right, with some sort of major event changing a great deal that we know by 2012. What do you see for life on earth, in the near future?


Dear Seth,


I try and stay away from predictions regarding world events and whatnot, because sometimes it seems just so…tabloid. But, I’ll bite, simply because this is such a philosophical and highly curious topic. I don’t see the world ending, but I do believe that 2012 does mark the time of a cycle of radical change.


I believe that world politics will experience a major upheaval, and we are headed for a shift in world powers. It may not be pretty, and though I don’t have specific details, I also feel that none of the common theories are correct. It will be the end of the “super powers” hierarchy, which will be a rough transition. While there will be casualties and war, because that’s the way we do things, I don’t see the end of the human race.


I also see another evolutionary period for technology. There will be some incredible scientific breakthroughs – the kind that will change the definitions of the laws of physics. I don’t quite know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but it does feel necessary. Not only is this going to impact us on the physical plane, but it is also going to change the way we think. Many of our beliefs systems are going to be challenged, and that is going to create some chaos, for sure.


In terms of the Mayan calendar, when I focus on that, all I ever see is a shifting sky. While there is great debate amongst the scientific communities relative to the theories of global warming or the ending of an ice age, I do see global changes in weather that will be more supportive of the latter. I believe we will all have to adjust the way we live because of a change in the earth’s axis or rotation. This, too, will complicate things, but not wipe us out. I think that this is the change that the Mayans saw, and that is why the calendar stops at 2012.


The bottom line is, the planet – and most of us on it, will remain and evolve. It’s not that any single day in 2012 is going to change everything, it is my prediction that 2012 holds several significant events that mark a 200 year period of evolution and adaptation.

Good luck!
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