Cold Weather, Hot Nights

It's getting cold outside.  The holiday shopping crowds have gone from festive to offensive, and if you never hear "The Christmas Song" again it'll be too soon.  Alas, it looks like a long winter ... read more


Acupuncture, which comes from the Latin words acus meaning needle and pungere meaning prick, is better known as needle therapy. Yup, that's right... needles! I know, many of you recoil at ... read more

A Fear Free Life

Are you ruled by your fears? Are the boundaries of your world, your possibilities and your dreams hemmed in by your fears? If your fear is keeping you from living a full life, it's time to get serious and ... read more

Lessons from the First Thanksgiving

Friends, family and a delicious dinner -- what's not to love about Thanksgiving? Though Thanksgiving is one of our most beloved and enduring traditions, we can make it more meaningful by learning the ... read more