Your LOVECAST™: Lots of Flirting and Expressions of Love

A foursome of Libra influences on Monday – the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars – sets the stage for a romantic week! Expect lots of flirting and expressions of love this week. Read your sign to see how this intense energy can enhance your love life. Enjoy it!

Week of September 1 – 7, 2008

Virgo: Attracting a partner with similar values is very likely this week. Diligent Virgos need to get away from work, however, so they can enjoy the fruits of love and friendship. Flirting turns hot mid-week, but watch what you say on Friday. Getting out in nature or throwing a party will accelerate romance this weekend.

Libra: You’re in the limelight in your social circle this week, with romance and career opportunities abound. Your charm, intelligence and artistry make you a magnet for love, so share your gifts with those around you. Your mystique skyrockets mid-week! Some humorous flirting, with a touch of eloquence, heats up romance this weekend.

Scorpio: Getting cozy with your sweetie in a quiet ambiance heats up romance this weekend. Think serene and sexy retreat. Try to resolve the past so your heart is open to love. Meditation can help. Your powers of attraction soar by Wednesday, but mixed messages arise on Friday. Your wild child comes out to play this weekend!

Sagittarius: Socializing will pay off in the love and career arenas this week. Getting involved in a group activity or a cause close to your heart can bring romance and other opportunities. A sexy retreat makes passion percolate during the week. Your powers of attraction kick into high gear this weekend, so get out there and play!

Capricorn: Mixing romance and work can stir up some intrigue this week! Flirting with a boss or colleague is the (delightful) temptation. But don’t forget to promote your projects, because a career opportunity may land in your lap as well. Socializing with friends can bring a romantic tryst mid-week. Breaking free of self-imposed limitations enlivens love this weekend.

Aquarius: You have a crystal ball at your fingertips this week, when a window to the future appears out of the blue. Heed your inner voice about where you need to be – and with whom. Meditation and dream analysis will help clarify your path. As for love, romance can be found during group activities and community projects this weekend.

Pisces: Intimacy heats up this week, when your imagination is in full swing (which should enhance activities in the boudoir). But you’ll first need to establish some boundaries as to what you want and don’t want in a relationship, which is important to the boundary-challenged fish. Mid-week is lusty! A spontaneous surprise revs up romance this weekend.

Aries: Your ability to manifest a compatible partner, or get cozier with the one you already have, is empowered this week. Focus on what you really want from a relationship. Mid-week is passionate, but love can be challenging. Your sense of adventure soars this weekend, when romance can be found during a trip or class.

Taurus: Your artistry – in and out of the bedroom – skyrockets this week. Revamp your boudoir into a sensual retreat. Promoting your creativity at work can open a professional door. Feelings are intense early in the week, when commitment is the focus. Love is illusive on Friday. This weekend is all about having some spontaneous, sexy fun!

Gemini: Your powers of attraction create some enticing magic this week! You’re in-sync with Aphrodite, who places paramours at your feet (or energizes your existing relationship). You just need to let yourself be loved. Mid-week, romance is hot but unpredictable. Your ability to attract a partner is heightened even more over the weekend.

Cancer: Making your home an enticing place to entertain friends and family is the focus this week. Feng shui your house so the energy flows freely. Passion skyrockets in the middle of the week, when feelings deepen. Watch out for a misunderstanding on Friday. The weekend is all about seeing the bigger picture of where your love life is headed.

Leo: Your ability to communicate your enthusiasm and passion makes you a magnet for romance, so express yourself! It’s also time to promote your projects at work. Travel can bring an intriguing romantic encounter. Love is complicated mid-week. Your playful side revs up romance this weekend, so share your sense of humor.

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