DreamCast: Her Deceased Husband Owes Her Something

My husband recently passed away and I have a 2- year-old daughter. I had a dream where I am talking to him on the phone and his tone of voice is really down. I say that I miss him. He tells me that he owes me $11.96, but I don’t know what that money is.

Dasi in Ontario

Hello Dansi,

I’m so sorry you lost your husband. Loved ones who have passed on often visit us in our dreams, usually to tell us that they’re doing well. However, sometimes they have something left unsaid or unfinished, which seems to be the case with your husband. He feels he owes you something. Even though his destiny was to die when he did, perhaps he feels he abandoned you and your daughter. There’s also a chance that the amount of money is significant. Does November 1996 mean anything to you? In any case, you can communicate to your husband through prayer and meditation to give him updates on how you’re doing. Perhaps that will help him accept the separation – and help ease your grief as well.

Sweet dreams,

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