Red Responds: A Mother’s Concern for Her Son’s Visions

Linda in O’Fallon writes:

My son, who is now 22, claims he sees visitors in our home. He says sometimes he is awakened when he feels breathing on the back of his neck and the dog goes into his closet and shakes. He also says he sees things and doesn’t want to tell me what it is. I do not see or feel any evil presence but I believe that he does. Should I be concerned about this?

Dear Linda,

Your son does seem to have a bit of the psychic twinkle, and has also done some light research into spiritualism, mysticism or the occult. Sometimes, a little bit of knowledge is just enough to make things even more confusing. I don’t fully believe he understands all that he is seeing, but I can say that he is seeing something.

I’m not getting a sense of evil per se in your home, but there does seem to be some unsettling energy attached to one of your ghostly visitors. This man, though long dead, wasn’t a very nice person. I do believe your son not only picks up on that, but also has been shown glimpses of the darker side of human nature. Sometimes, your son sees things that just don’t make any sense to him. “Second Sight” can be rather cryptic.

Animals tend to be more in tune than most people to spiritual activity, and your poor dog not only picks up on your ghostly visitors energy, but also on your son’s unease. It’s a double-whammy for the pup.

I don’t believe that you or your family will come to any harm from the activity in your home. There is some cause for concern relative to your son, because everyone should feel safe in their home. I would advise you to talk with him more in depth regarding what he sees and feels. If he does feel threatened in any way, there are things that can be done not only to help him deal with his gifts, but also to quiet your home – if that is something needed.

If your son were to call one of us psychics, we may be able to help him discern more clearly what he is picking up on in your home, and take things from there. Unfortunately, without having a direct link to him, I am only getting surface information – partly because your son does not want to share or alarm you with some of his experiences.

When those who are living encounter the essence of those who have gone on, the most common reaction is fear. It is human instinct to fear what we don’t understand. Fear is a powerful form of energy, one that spirits can pull on, and connect with. The ghostly energy that keeps reaching out to your son definitely makes him uneasy, but your boy isn’t quaking in his boots. While this is a good thing, I certainly would suggest some further investigation so all of your minds, and possibly this restless spirit, can all rest soundly in safety and peace.

Good luck,
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