So You Wanna Date a Virgo?

Why Are Virgos so Difficult?

Learn how to bring out the best when dating a Virgo and be wary of relationship pitfalls. While cautious in love they’re a rewarding partner when understood. Don’t be fooled by the name. The Virgo is no simpering virgin who might be easily impressed and effortlessly satisfied. Rather, this complex sign heralds a person who is cautious in love – but a very rewarding partner when understood and appreciated. So if you’re thinking about dating the Virgin (or your romance is already underway) be wary of the pitfalls, and heed how to bring out the best in this mysterious personality.

The perfectionist
The good news? Virgos never approach anything halfheartedly, which means yours will undoubtedly devote mountains of energy to your relationship. If you’re still in the flirtation stage, be prepared for a dedicated courtship.Your Virgo may lavish energy in the form of gifts, calls and compliments. Or, more likely, you’ll find their energy spent in the form of more conservative, but carefully thought-out gestures – and painstakingly laid plans. And don’t expect that dedication to dissipate once flirtation gives way to the long-term. It’s quite the opposite… Virgo’s efforts may redouble when faced with a new role to perfect. Remember – they are never quick to give up on a relationship.

A Virgo is likely to focus on doing it right, on being the “perfect” partner. This can be frustrating when your lover is so focused on taking the perfect steps that they miss the right ones. You may find you have a great listener, who always remembers your favorite meals or plans hopelessly romantic Friday nights – but doesn’t want to talk about their doubts regarding the relationship, or the problems they’re having at work. It may be up to you to make sure you don’t miss out on the makings of true intimacy. You’ll have to help your Virgo see that the best relationships aren’t perfect, and that being real will bring you closer together.

Meticulous observer
Of all the zodiac signs,Virgo has the best eye for details – and a mind that’s built for analysis. They also have a refreshingly honest drive to be helpful to others. These qualities make for a partner who is talented at assessing your needs, and helping with your problems. They will never fail to notice that you crave sweets when you’re happy, or that you’re uncomfortable when talking about your family. Your Virgo may also have uncanny insights into your problems, because they notice things about you that you yourself might miss.

Unfortunately, a keen observer can also make for a finder of faults – your Virgo may notice details you’d rather not have brought to light. Virgos can come across as harsh or critical… even as know-it-alls. Try not to be offended. Keep in mind that Virgos notice just as many flaws in themselves. It is in their nature to consider all the details, and their criticism is often their way of trying to help.

The pragmatist
Relentlessly practical, the Virgo is probably the sign that is least likely to bring unnecessary drama into your life. Virgos are down to earth, and will acknowledge when they are wrong as long as they are presented with clear, logical facts. Also notoriously clean and healthy, Virgos like everything to be in its place and at its best.

On the other hand, a Virgo’s capacity for order and logic may push your limits, especially if you take an earthy approach to romance. While often creative, the Virgin is rarely dreamy or whimsical. Pack rats beware: the Virgin is likely to clean your apartment and try to change your habits. And if you’re a dreamer yourself, be prepared to adjust to The Virgin’s Vulcan sense of logic.

Careful lovers
For Virgos, love comes slowly, and burns deeply. It is difficult for a Virgo to fall in love, and even after taking the leap, it can be hard to express those feelings. A Virgo thrives on self-control, and needs time to understand what they are feeling before acting on it. This can be maddening when you’re aching for warmth and expression. Don’t misread a Virgo’s hesitation as coolness or lack of interest: your Virgin will express love in their own way – you just may need to demonstrate your own feelings first.

In the bedroom, the Virgo’s perfectionism and helpfulness translates to an eagerness to please. The Virgin may be careful in love, but is hardly prudish about physical intimacy. This attentive lover loves giving as much as receiving, and will never leave a partner unsatisfied. While Virgos are usually unstinting in giving pleasure, they can be reserved about expressing their own passion. The same sense of caution and control that governs emotions can rule the Virgo sexually. If you can manage to unleash the Virgin’s passionate side, however, you’ll find yourself paired with a dedicated lover whose attention to detail will drive you wild.

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38 thoughts on “So You Wanna Date a Virgo?

  1. todd

    Im a Pisces man, been chasing a Virgo woman for about six months now.she says and does many condescending things to me that confuse me.she says shes not the relationship commitment type but totally acts like a girlfriend to me at times ive even thought she was my girlfriend till she drops lines like that its like her actions and words are fighting each other i would just like some insight for a Virgo woman do i have a chance of makeing her my girlfriend cause im crazy about her and think the world of her

    1. Tondra

      Yes, you do! She just doesn’t want to be hurt and she doesn’t mean to be condescending, it just comes across that way because of our brutal honesty. She wants to know that you will always pursue her.

  2. Todd

    Im a Pisces man Ive been chasing a Virgo woman for about 6 months now. Wow what a confusing ride.I would usually head for the hills ,but this girl has me obsessed.She says so many condensing things.She will do things that would make me think im in a relationship like get jealous,or get upset I don’t give her attention,WHILE AT THE SAME TIME SAY SHE NEVER WANTS A BOYFRIEND AND SHES NOT THE COMMITMENT TYPE.Do I have a chance of making HER MY GIRLFRIEND she sure wants to act like one.Could a Virgo woman please give me some insight into whats going on here Im so confused yet loveing every moment of it

  3. Jackie

    I am a Libra woman in a relationship with a Virgo woman. I didn’t understand her and was almost on the verge of breaking things off until I read this article. It was VERY helpful and spot on. I think it has saved this beautiful budding relationship. I can see that she is a good woman but there were things that I just didn’t understand until now!

  4. Deepindera Gaur

    Oh My God……What a research. Its perfect for me being a Virgo 30th August. Adding to the above Virgo’s are most misunderstood people. Yes, some one wrote above that ………..if you make an investment in them and give them love you will be rewarded back ten fold….Maye be 100 times . Virgo’s make best friends , husband anything you want them to be….Respect relationship. Virgo’s go along with Leo’s very well . Aries pl. keep away from Virgo they are not to be touched by you … Deeps from India

  5. charisma

    im a virgo,i have been cheated by a libra man and was even a battered wife ,at first we virgos are very submissive and martyr spec.if we fall hard but once we are fed up ,moving on is not a difficult task for us,look what happened to me right now i survived and moved on although he try to win me back but hey i can easily forgive but not forget,to all guys out there you must handle your virgo partner with care otherwise you will be left alone,bec.we virgos once we say its over then it is really over.You can maybe have us again but we will see to it that you will look a fool at end(sweet revenge indeed 🙂 )

  6. Bariture full (FEMALE LEO)

    I’m a lioness so much in love with a virgo and I know it has already worked out. I have this burning feeling for him. Just love every thing about him. How can I help to keep this love burning for ever? He is so loving and caring. He’s all I ever needed in a man. Virgo’s are too FAITHFUL LOVERS. Just right for a leo lady cuz he is strong and disciplined and a leo needs a strong and disciplined man. He has burning feelings for me too. Calls me more than 10 times in a day text massages just crazy of him

  7. nairaD

    I am an Aries, and never thought I would Love a virgo so much, well she is always on my mind, But I believe I am in the depths of the friendzone, It sucked at first but I realized just being around her makes me happy enough so as I grow more mature, I feel like she draws nearer, sort of like she does things on purpose if that makes sense… but honestly that could just be my perception.Either way This young lady gave me Love and Respect for Virgos, … and as for “Horoscopes” and how well they workout with different signs, a re true to an extent, but depends on the people a lot. I feel myself changing, and its like a sign thats not even of the 12, either way I’ve been feeling good lately only seeing and knowing positive, Maybe because all the sad things that happen to me which I won’t vent, eventually gets old, So if your like me, try something different and stay positive, and what you desire will come to you, if you stay true and faithful! yeah! THANKS FOR READING 🙂 – Darian

  8. kukki

    I am a Libra male married (no kids), I am in love with a Virgo woman married (2 kids). She is working with me 4 hours daily, now nearly 2 years with her and I told her about myself love her too much, she goes several times outside in the car with me, I tried to kiss her, touch her, talk her, but she says nopppppp. Please advise me how can I get her love for me?

  9. Chela

    im a capricorn and i met this amazing guy and hes a virgo. we started as strangers but became best friends really fast. i have trust issues terribly and he managed to earn my trust and has never let me down. i tell him everything. this article helped me understand why he does the things he does and why he thinks the way he does. he fell in love once and she tore him up. he likes me a lot but hes afraid of loving someone again. i told him to take his time. hes unsure if he loves me more than a friend. i know he loves me more than a friend but he is afraid of getting hurt and i understand why. im wiling to wait as long as it takes tho. i had my first kiss with him and im 17. i was afraid to love him until we kissed. i knew from that kiss we are meant to be and i know he felt it to. i saw it in his eyes, he is an amazing lover and he is so passionate. this article was spot on about him and now i know that i just have to continue being patient and i will love him until he is ready to open up. <3 his name is kyle 🙂

  10. Dawn

    I am a capricorn woman. I am always drawn to virgo men. I think its their vitallity, their wit, and their need for perfection.

  11. Mimi

    LOL, love this article I’m a virgo and it completely described me. @ Maxine, it sounded like you dated a liar not a virgo. Virgo’s a re trust worthy people who are very articulate, great coomunicator not Liars…lol.

  12. Lilieth

    I’m Virgo 10th you’re not missing anything from this Virgo post. everything there is true
    love to give as well as receiving romance. come a cross harsh and critical. this part is rally
    true criticism is often my way of trying to help.

  13. William

    WOW !! I saw so much of myself (September 5th.) in this article! I’m not sure I like being so accurately described w/o knowing me … I’ll have to analyze that !

  14. Alec

    I just wanted to say I thouorghly enjoy reading your blog. Its on my daily to-do list. Congrats on your wedding. I was reading the Washington Post’s OnLove column and stumbled upon a column you wrote. Your advice was wonderful.Morgan

  15. Leon

    I’m a leo female (sun in leo, moon in virgo, ascend/Gemini, venus in leo) I don’t care whenever i read that Leo & virgo is not actually best match, well .. i feel so confident that might be a virgo female is my soul~match;). Despite of our differences between leo & virgo, i found the greatness if the king can have a real queen of queen that’s a virgo. i met a virgo lady, first we are just a friend, she’s so great, trust me i’m fallen..she’s perfect as a woman in my eyes, because of her i know what i dont have she has and vice versa. Honestly, im sure it could be perfect i love challenge she’s too. Ok; im carefully trying hard to get close to her..sure, im a leo so be a leo in front of her, first it was difficult hard, patient & im sure she’s giving me a chance;) to the next level.
    If i can have her for the rest of my life would be .. Heaven)*
    my big mouth is telling me ” Only virgo can drive leo to the right tracks, and only leo can give everything, Perfect! “. so i dont care what matching match I’ll do everything for her…good luck me haha)*

  16. Leon

    I’m a leo female (sun in leo, moon in virgo, ascend/Gemini, venus in leo) I don’t care whenever i read that Leo & virgo is not actually best match, well .. i feel so confident that might be a virgo female is my soul~match;). Despite of our differences between leo & virgo, i found the greatness if the king can have a real queen of queen that’s a virgo. i met a virgo lady, n

  17. Alden

    Great posting. I had been checking this site i’m impressed! Very useful info particularly the final aspect 🙂 I care for these info a lot. I wanted this certain details for some time. Thanks a lot and all the best !.

  18. Amy

    For the readers of this blog remember that your SUN sign is just the tip of the iceberg. We also have Moon signs, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Each can be in a different sign. Mercury and Venus being the closer planets to earth are usually not more than 60 degrees from our sun signs. So a Libra who likes Virgo’s has a chance of having Virgo in their planetary make up somewhere.

    I think better than saying Virgin is to say purity. Purity of thought and heart. I myself have an Aries moon so that livens up my Virgo significantly. You will always have an afinity with the Sun sign of your moon sign and the moon sign of your sun sign. Venus connections are huge in love. If they have Venus in Virgo that will attract the Virgo Suns, etc.

    Remember with astrology to look at the WHOLE picture and not just sun signs. Transits also play an important part in astrology. Transiting (where the planets are currently) Saturn on a person’s Venus sign will create difficulties in love while that transit lasts and Saturn, being a further away planet, takes 2.5 years in any sign. What astrology helps you to see is that eventually this too shall pass. It lets you see there is light around the corner when times are tough.

  19. Sally

    Think this is a very accurate description of a Virgo no matter what age they are………..if you make an investment in them and give them love you will be rewarded back ten fold

  20. Maria

    I am a Virgo – i am from Sept 20-60
    My boyfriend is Virgo – Sep 10- 59

    I met him on May 31, 2008.
    The time/ day we first met, right after less than one hour, he said ” would you marry me?
    🙂 .. i did not answered, i appared like i did not hear… and kept talking and he asked again.. Would you merry me? 🙂

    I said yes, (i couldn’t resist – he is super/ extremelly handsome)
    would we get to know each other first?
    He said, we already know each other 🙂

    That day, was in a business business in town, he went back to his country
    at the time, he was notified to go to Afghanistan, he is still there.

    We defetinetelly well get married as soon as he comes home.
    He wants a big wedding, but he will do what i want small or big wedding.
    I told him, i will do what he wants.

    We are so much alike !! LOL
    sometimes i feel we are twins LOL

    I love him so much.

  21. Maris

    I love, love what I read this morning, well I am Virgo female here and my little 7 year old son is Taurus I must say he is my buddy, He’s stubborn just like Virgo can be, but he is also sweet generous,smart, funny, and serious at the same time he can be center of attention and 5 min later not want to to talk to anyone and do his own thing, This reminds me of myself, There something about being the mom who rambles with story’s but then again we are very creative and equal, Taurus & Virgo have great imagination analyzing it all… we like to talk allot…. but if were angry we wont speak at all, Does it make sense im just saying…


  22. maxine

    I dated a Virgo and found they have a personality that is much too deep and complicated, sometimes they appear to talk in meaningless riddles,
    Are very hard sign to communicate with, making you work very hard to get a simple straight answer
    If they told you it was raining outside, you would have to check it out yourself

  23. A*****

    MARIE !! just playin, Antoinette i agree w/you i am born the 27th late Aug aswell & we tend 2fit a slightly diffrent criteria & Terry lol its kool i think its a virgo thing, being drwan2 taurus’ i too have feel hard 2wice longterm but they are fun & love games those silly charged up bulls they know there real men lmao & we love you anywayz Carmen {our lil hybrid}tell granny thanks lol jk later pCe *A*

  24. A*****

    im a germaphobe & an a addict i like grunge music & life but mi bed clean & most the house too but this dosent sound like me up there a problem ive always had w/the traites most virgos posses & only the last 2parts w/breif /mild sentences that i releate 2 .I also belive that signs express them selves diffrently w/males & females this sounds more like a male virgos personality i know a handfull of male & female virgos, as am i a female virgo.

  25. Amy Conley

    So far so good. I don’t think and feel that my Virgo man is weird in any way. Maybe I’m used to their traits. I was raised my mother who is 42 yrs. older than I am, God rest her soul. She is a Taurus, 100%, and I think that prepared me for my man. Thanks Mom! You could set your watch by the routines she done. She didn’t wear her heart on her sleeve so my man being “cold” is just how it is with me. I have no problem at all accepting how my Virgo man is. In fact, I love and respect how and who he is.

  26. Amy Conley

    This page was very helpful to me to understand a Virgo. We are going on our second date tonight. I am a Libra and we share a lot of the same traits. I never got along with Virgos but I think that was b/c I didn’t understand them. Also, the one Virgo that I know is my ex-mother-in-law and of couse I was never good enough for her son. I’m going to give my date the benifit of the doubt. jst b/c one virgo acted out of control doesn’t mean they are are OCD.

  27. antoinette

    because virgo’s are also people pleasers, we are mutable sign….can form to different situations.. when reading this i felt it gave a bad light to virgos….and none of what was said here refelts who i am…..idk why but i feel like a different sign….tho i am aug 30th…doesnt fit my description.

  28. Terry

    This sound like me 100%.. I would like to know why keeping a man in my life is so hard. I seem to be drawn to Taurus men. ?????

  29. Carmen

    Im a Taurus and I find alot of the Virgo qualities in myself..I don’t know because I was raised by my grandmother who was a Virgo but even though I can be stubborn I find myself being submissive more often then not. Why is that


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