Spiritual A-B-C’s

"A" may be for apple and "D" is for duck, but in our ABCs of Spirituality, "A" is for aura and "D" for the Dalai Lama. We've put together this playful list as a reminder that spirituality can be found in ... read more

Be True to Yourself

We're taught to be unfailingly nice, to be charmingly self-deprecating, to steel our smiles and not let our tears (or fears) show. But these social graces, little by little, turn us away from our truth. ... read more

Confidence Is Sexy

If you're wondering how to improve your sex life - or even how to get one started - there's a simple answer that may surprise you. Improving your desirability has little to do with how you look on the ... read more
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Quiz: Commitment!

At some point in life, most of us want a committed love relationship. But the key words in that sentence are "at some point!" Are you ready now to take the next step in your relationship? Whether it's ... read more

Is Your Sex Life Stuck?

Often we think about calling a psychic to find out about whether a date, love or marriage will manifest itself in our lives. But what if you found the love you asked for, but now things have gotten a bit ... read more
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