Red Responds: Should She Start Preparing for the Inevitable?

Toni in Cumming writes:

I’ve been told by more than one psychic source that there will be a couple of deaths in my family. One being my husband, the other being my Mom. I’ve been told to get my affairs in order. When I consulted a psychic yesterday, she told me that she didn’t see anyone crossing over but that there would be a division of property in 2009. Can you help me sort this out? It’s pretty scary as I have two beautiful young daughters that will or may feel the ramifications. Not to mention, I would really need to pick myself up by my boot straps in order to help them, too.

Dear Toni,

There are some things in life a person can’t be totally prepared for, and the death of a loved one is at the top of the list. Personally, this is one area of prediction that I go to great lengths to avoid. For every one of us, each breath we take brings us one closer to death. Knowing that death looms above us all should be the only incentive needed to appreciate how fragile life is, and have at least half a plan of how to carry on in the event of losing someone we love.

It is the natural order of things that children outlive their parents. While your mother eventually will leave this world, I don’t believe this event is slated to happen in the very near future. However, you should talk with her about this eventuality, so that you can carry out any of her wishes. She’s a pretty grounded lady – she basically has everything in place. She knows that she isn’t going to live forever, and she doesn’t want to leave a mess behind. However, what is more important than when she will die, is what you do with the time you have while she is alive. While I’m not going to reach for a time frame, I can tell you that when her time comes, it won’t be a surprise.

As for your husband, his energy is strong. Without specifically looking for his demise, I have nothing that says his days are numbered or his life will be short. While he may have to go out of town for business purposes in 2009, I’m not seeing any lengthy or final separations. But, because you are married and there are children, each of you should make some provisions in the unlikely event the unthinkable happens. Talk with each other, as well as an insurance agent or financial planner, and see what your options are.

I’m not quite sure what to tell you about the “division of property.” It’s not looking like an inheritance, but it is looking like something that will benefit your family. I think it is actually an investment.

This may or may not help you, but due to the nature of your questions, it is the best that I can do.

Good luck,
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