What Does Your Moon Reveal?

The Moon. We all look at the mystical orb very few have had the honor to touch. The nighttime luminary that shines so bright when full, waning her way to darkness only to be reborn and wax her way to full brightness once more. This heavenly body that has enough influence to dictate the ebb and flow of an ocean’s tide has equal power over you.

The Moon is feminine energy, and she rules the sign of Cancer and the 4th house – the House of Family and Home. She governs the first four years of life and the time we are most dependent and vulnerable. Throughout our lives it governs our relationships, how we react and interact with those who surround us and especially our female relationships.

Your Sun sign is a reflection of your spirit, while your Moon sign is a reflection of your soul. The Moon also is a key to our unconscious. From past lives to the daily things we do without thinking about them… our habits, instincts and intuitions are all influenced by our Moon.

Here’s how your moon influences your energy:

Moon in Leo
Very warm and charismatic, you have the ability to lead. You have a creative mind, and are great with kids and animals. You have a fun-loving nature that some may find a little overbearing.

Moon in Virgo
Concerned and caring about others, you take a thoughtful approach to life. You have a serious side that keeps you cautious, and you pay attention to all the details. At times it may be challenging for you to display the emotions you feel.

Moon in Libra
Diplomatic and charming, you exude a quiet dignity and grace. You love your surroundings to be beautiful, and your vision is quite artistic. You can be equally giving or self-indulgent, and are charming enough to get away with both.

Moon in Scorpio
You are made of strength and sensuality. Very self-reliant, you approach life with intensity and persistence. Even though you can be secretive, you are great at influencing others. You are as imaginative as you are passionate.

Moon in Sagittarius
Ever the optimist with an exuberance for living; you love to learn, grow and expand. You are a free and innovative thinker who is emotional and idealistic. Even though you are almost always sincere, it may be challenging for you to commit, because your nature invites a sense of restlessness.

Moon in Capricorn
You have a powerful personality and an instinct for excellence. You are dedicated, ambitious, and persistent. Your patience is admirable. When you commit, you do it fully and completely. You can be a bit rigid and materialistic because your career is always a priority.

Moon in Aquarius
Creative and idealistic, you have a great ability to see the “big picture.” Very much the humanitarian, you have an intelligent and persuasive charm about you. While personal relationships are important to you, you love freedom, and your very essence requires it.

Moon in Pisces
You have a creative imagination that compliments your artistic temperament. Very compassionate and loyal, you tend to be a sensitive romantic with a sense of worldly responsibility. Your intuition is strong, and you know how to trust it.

Moon in Aries
You lean toward the adventurous and have a healthy dose of self confidence. You may tend to be a bit outspoken, and your independence may make it hard for you to live under the rules of others.

Moon in Taurus
You tend to have a conservative outlook, but that does not impede your sensitive and sensual personality. You may find that you crave love and security, and have a natural talent to draw supportive people into your realm.

Moon in Gemini
You are quite independent and have a sparkling, intellectual charisma. You have great skill for communication and manipulation. Even if you can be superficial at times, you are almost always amusing.

Moon in Cancer
You can spend hours in romantic fantasy, yet make time to be extremely caring and loyal to those you hold dear. You have a natural ability to protect and nurture those around you. Always sensitive, your feelings can be hurt a bit easily.

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  1. Samantha Jean Lawson

    I am hoping to be coming out of a very trouble and turnmoil time. but gaining spirit i can feel the upturn I hope that’s whats up can you see relief for me soon? January 1, 1969 12:10 am Brunswick, GA. should i apply for radio personality? or play it safe still?

  2. sreedhar sreekakulam

    Wishing you a very happy new year! Its a eye opener and am interested in knowing little bit more about myself please. I am born on 22-05-1961 at 15.45 PM in India, Chennai (Madras) in tamil nadu, southern part.

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