Living Your Dream

Lives in turmoil often turn to intuitive readings to sift through stressors, arguments, confusion, indecision and options… for a quick vision of clarity. Kira (not her real name) called California Psychics thinking she needed to choose between her husband and her passionate Swiss lover. With the insight she received from Clairvoyant Rianne ext. 9423, the young mother of two, immediately opened her eyes and her heart to a very different possibility.


Lost, stuck and treading on unhappiness, Kira told the psychic that she had been having an affair with an eligible, wealthy businessman whom she had met following her recent return home from Hollywood. She had been there for a month, interning with a celebrity make-up artist. The artist was so impressed with her work that he had made her a generous offer to join his team full-time. Her husband, angry that she had left their Arizona home in the first place, responded with a non-negotiable, “No!” Soon afterwards, Kira had met, and immediately become smitten with the Swiss financier, she told Rianne.


The psychic immediately connected to her client’s deep loving spirit. She knew that if Kira could find fulfillment in life, in general, everything else would fall into place. The psychic could see her caller’s playful energy and knew that her life in Arizona was stifling. Kira was the kind of woman who made other people’s lives more important than her own.


“Should I leave my husband for Soren?” she asked the intuitive who connects with her caller’s voice to begin a reading. “Is he serious about me?” she wondered out loud, then continued to spill her heart about the man, ten years her senior, who had been courting her discreetly for weeks. “He wants to give me a car and take me on his travels… but I can’t take part in any of that while I’m still married. I love my husband, but I feel trapped. Life will always be the same if I stay with him. How do you think Soren will feel about my girls?” Adding, “I couldn’t leave without them.”


She was anxious and guilty about the affair, “I need to make a change soon,” she announced. Rianne could feel her frustration, and immediately saw the path Kira needed to take to find happiness. She did not say anything to Kira about what she saw. She wanted her caller to see it for herself, so the final decision would always be her own.


Kira would never be happy unless she followed her dream, the Calirvoyant recalled. She had gotten so close to it, touched it and felt what it would be like to actually live her passion. Rianne asked if she still wanted to move to Los Angeles.


“My husband says no. He won’t leave Arizona. I know I can’t change his mind.”


In response, the intuitive asked her caller to close her eyes and take deep breaths to relax. “What feels right?” she asked as she described two life scenarios. In the first Kira was single, traveling and socializing first class with Soren. In the other, she was living with her two girls in Los Angeles, doing makeup at the famed salon.


“I know exactly what I need to do,” she squealed, adding that the realization felt so good and complete that she was high on the excitement of it all. “Thank you, thank you,” she said, and then lost some of her excitement as she wondered how Soren would feel about it all.


“He’ll be fine. You’re so used to worrying about other people’s feelings, that you don’t allow for the possibility that others can be happy for you!”


Several months later, Kira gave Rianne a quick call from Los Angeles. “I’m so happy and at home here. This is my dream life… my husband is moving out next week. His company transferred him. And you were right, Soren was great about it. He says he had to follow his heart to become successful, he understood.”


Rianne was struck at how quickly Kira had changed her situation. She had moved her energy to a more exciting man, looking for change, but had known in an instant that she wanted passion in her career more than anything else. When she found the path of her inner truth, even her husband followed, Rianne concludes. “I can’t tell you how good it feels to have connected with her!”


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