The Self-Care Checklist: Are Your Needs Being Met?

The Self-Care Checklist: Are Your Needs Being Met? | California Psychics

Why is Self-Care Important?

In case you haven’t been reflecting, we are here to ask- are your needs being met? Needs can be a lot of things. As humans, we need everything from basic physical necessities to deeper, spiritual requirements. Everyone’s needs are different. These needs, along with how we seek their fulfillment are often shaped in early childhood. The foundation of our inner voices and self-love are formed early in life as well. It can be healthy to rely on others to an extent, but at the end of the day, we are responsible for our own self-care.

When the term self-care first became buzzworthy, it was often associated with superficial and selfish connotations. The truth is self-care is a healthy form of love that can help you prevent burnout. What is burnout? An overwhelming form of exhaustion caused by unfulfilled needs and excessive, overwhelming stress. Self-care isn’t all pedicures and bubble baths- though it can be! The prescription of care you require depends on the type of need you are addressing.

Your Hierarchy of Needs

In the early 1940s, psychologist Abraham Maslow published his motivational theory of the hierarchy of needs. Often shown as a pyramid, this hierarchy of human needs includes five tiers. At the foundation, Basic Needs encompass Physiological and Safety needs. Once those are met, Psychological needs regarding Relationships and Esteem can be. When the bottom of the pyramid is taken care of, Self-Fulfillment and Self-Actualization needs can be focused on. Much like Eastern religions, this hierarchy reads like a path to enlightenment. The pyramid can also be broken into two pieces, the bottom being the needs of your physical self and the top being the needs of your spiritual self.

Back to Basics

Are your basic needs being met? Though physiological needs are thought of as being ‘basic’, it is not always easy to make sure that they are fulfilled. Many elements, including household size, age, and occupation, can factor into a deficit of basic needs. These are needs in which little “life hacks” can help. Lacking sleep? Try keeping blue light electronics that disrupt your circadian rhythm to a minimum at bedtime. Need to hydrate? Try an app or a large bottle with markers to remind you to drink water throughout the day. Be gentle with yourself and remember that you don’t need to ‘earn’ rest- it is human nature to need to relax!

Relationships and Self Esteem

Ironically, self-care is one of the best things you can do for the relationships in your life. Your family and friends want you to feel fulfilled and you are better equipped to be there for them if you are showing up for yourself, too. Tools like patience and empathy can only be utilized when we aren’t burnt out.

Have you ever taken yourself on a date? Just like spending quality time with others is important, spending time alone can be fulfilling as well. Once in a while, spend time with yourself doing things that you love. This can be a quiet moment journaling, lunch at your favorite café, smelling every single candle at the home store- whatever brings you joy! It is important to celebrate ourselves and our accomplishments. Just getting through each day and choosing to make the next an adventure is something to take pride in. In addition to how you feel alone, pay attention to your energy around others. Fostering a community and setting healthy boundaries to protect yourself are both essential parts of self-care.

Setting Fulfillment Goals

Remember that inner voice we talked about? The first step to making sure all of your needs are being met is to check in with that voice. Make sure you are giving yourself permission and encouragement when it comes to self-care. Work towards removing any negativity or toxicity from self-talk. Take some time to reflect on what you like about yourself and what makes you proud. When you mentally reset yourself, you are ready to get to work on the rest of your needs. Journaling and setting self-care goals can help you work towards a greater feeling of fulfillment.

Your goals can be small, like taking more breaks or going outside more. They can also go deeper, like learning a new skill or pairing up with a spiritual advisor. In addition to creating a plan for your self-care, you can tap in to creating other things as well. Free yourself from a restrictive mindset when it comes to creating. Allow yourself to create something purely for the joy of creation. This can be cooking a new meal, sketching and coloring, or planting a small garden. Find what you need that makes you feel accomplished.

Step Up Your Self-Care

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