The Best Self-Care Routine for Libra

Best Self-Care Routine for Libra | California Psychics

What is Libra Self-Care?

Happy Libra season! As the sparkling Venusian takes center stage, their energy gets a boost from the cosmos. Everything is heightened for Libra during this season, including their need for self-care. If you are not a Libra, you can use this guide to help your Libra friends and family get the self-care they deserve. You can also use this guide for yourself, for these self-care activities are designed to help you get through Libra season. Check back next month for a new routine to help you through Scorpio season.

Libra is the peacekeeper of the zodiac. The living embodiment of justice, all Libra wants in life is for everything to be fair, which is the most beautiful of dreams for the sign ruled by the planet of love and beauty. It’s also one of the many reasons why Libra is so often in need of self-care. But what does Libra self-care look like? It’s losing themselves in the beauty of nature or a museum treasure trove. It’s arts and crafts or crafting the perfect outfit. Libra self-care consists of having a beautiful home, grounding meditations, and a little bit of luxury thrown in for good measure.

What Stresses a Libra Out?

Libra is born into a raw deal as far as their place in the zodiac is concerned. They’re an Air sign, which prioritizes thought and logic over emotion, but they’re a natural romantic and the sign that rules marriage. They were also born to keep peace in a world of chaos. It’s not a comfortable place to start from, so they can be forgiven for always seeming a bit high-strung and in constant need of self-care. And they do try to keep the peace wherever they are, be it at work or home because they hate conflict above all things. However, they also can’t abide seeing injustice done without saying something about it. It’s a constant war going on within themselves to fight for fairness and peace while also shielding themselves from conflict, and it causes them no end of stress. When it comes down to it, they’re also not huge fans of making decisions. It’s not that they can’t make them, they just have a deep fear of making the wrong decision before having analyzed all the evidence from every angle available, which makes them look indecisive and wishy-washy. It can drive the people around them to distraction, which makes Libra stress out more and try to rush, causing a feedback loop of stress that can become extremely difficult to climb out of. This is why it’s so important for Libra to have a self-care routine that they can fall back on.

Self-Care for the Mind of a Libra

  • Libra Morning Routine- As much as they love to sleep (and they do) Libra is not one for repeatedly hitting the snooze button in the morning. They have far too much to accomplish before they head off to work. Libra takes a great deal of pride in how they present themselves to the world, so it’s important to leave enough time to pick out a nice outfit and for hair/makeup/grooming. Libra is always also very attuned to the other people in their life, and it’s important for them to start the day off by doing something for someone they care about. It can be as simple as making enough coffee for themselves and their partner/roommate or calling a friend who needs a pep talk before the day begins.
  • Museum/Gallery Visits- Libra has a reputation for two things: being high strung and loving beautiful things. Fortunately, when they can’t get their brains to calm down, a trip to a museum or an art gallery is the perfect way for Libra to wind down. Being surrounded by beauty, ingenuity, and creativity for a few hours will always calm their racing thoughts.
  • Artistic Hobbies- Like their zodiac neighbor, Virgo, Libra has innate creativity. While their tastes might be a bit flashier than a Virgo would ever go for, Libra also prefers to steer their artistic abilities toward things that can be useful, or at least beautify their immediate surroundings. When Libra needs to focus on something, like making a decision, perhaps, picking up their sewing or knitting, starting a new wreath, a basket, or a new piece of jewelry will give them the time to balance out the options. They’ll also have a lovely new craft to display or gift to someone once they’re done.

Self-Care for the Body of a Libra

  • Dance- When it comes to staying in shape, the best exercise routine for Libra has absolutely nothing to do with team sports or hanging around gyms. Dance, with all of its grace and elegance, is much more Libra’s style of exercise. And because it is still a very demanding activity, they will indeed be getting quite the workout, no matter what kind they choose to do.
  • Barre- Libra is all about finding balance and looking good while doing it. Lucky for them, barre happens to be great for balance. Since this exercise focuses equally on strength and stretching, Libra will be able to get a workout and relax the muscles that have gone tense from being on edge all the time. 
  • Sleep- Libra is a big advocate for sleep, and they take great care that their bedroom is always one of the coziest places in their home. While they tend to lead busy lives, they seek to keep everything in complete harmony, which requires them to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Please remember that all things medical should be discussed with a medical professional. 

Self-Care for the Heart of a Libra

  • Romantic Partner- Since Libra is the sign of marriage and is ruled by the planet of love, it’s not that shocking that they tend to be a diehard romantic. They love being in love and they don’t like being single, but that doesn’t mean they’ll run straight into the first pair of open arms they find. For all that they want to be paired with the love of their life, Libra can take a long time to commit to someone. Once they’re committed though, they’re locked in for the long haul. Libra needs a partner who balances out their high-wired personalities, who can help them make the decisions they struggle with, and who is very open-minded. Libra does not need someone who will take control, however. Libra is all about the balance of power and sharing and should one person try to dominate the other in the relationship, things will quickly spiral out of hand. 
  • Friends- Libra adores their friends. When Libra is feeling judged or has low self-esteem (often the same thing) it’s their friends they turn to. Their social circle is also the first place Libra will go when they have a particularly nasty problem to work out because they trust that they won’t be steered in the wrong direction. As such, Libra likes to spoil their friends a bit, and they especially love to entertain and throw parties for them. What Libra sometimes forgets though, is that their friends love them back just as much and that it’s okay to ask them to pick up a bit of the entertainment slack when exhaustion hits. Their friends aren’t going to hold it against them.
  • Family- It cannot be stressed enough how much Libra hates conflict, something that many families seem to have in spades. Libra can often feel caught in between family members who are arguing, forcing them to either choose a side or hurriedly excuse themselves from the situation. Or they may just end up agreeing with something a family member says or does that they do not in any way personally agree with to avoid a scene. This, in turn, can create a lot of internal conflict for Libra, since they hate to stay silent when they hear or see things that they know to be wrong, a trait that all Air signs share. When it comes to family, Libra either has to decide that their self-care is going to include being willing to debate their family or setting strict boundaries about what they will and will not talk about with them. When it comes to self-care of the heart, sometimes there is no middle ground.

Self-Care of the Spirit of a Libra

  • Grounding Meditation- Libra tends to be rather ambitious, but can also be easily flustered, which isn’t the greatest of combinations. Hence the constant quest for balance. Staying grounded is a good way to keep themselves calm when their world begins to get a little too much, and while most forms of meditation are good for this, most of the time, Libra’s preferred meditation method is simply to go outside and work in the garden. Like all Air signs, Libra finds peace in being outdoors, and everything about gardening, from planning out where everything will be planted, to sinking their hands into the earth, is as good as a guided meditation for them.
  • Alone Time- Libra likes being social, but they don’t thrive on attention the same way their Air sign sibling, Gemini, does. Like their fellow Air sign, Aquarius, Libra needs time alone to recover from the world and its demands.  

What Relaxes a Libra?

  • Being Outdoors- Unsurprisingly, being in the open air is very soothing for Libra, being the middle child of the Air signs. Going on an outdoor excursion such as hiking, a day at the botanical gardens, or taking a gentle bike ride around the area are great ways for Libra to leave some of the cares behind that Libra always seems to carry around with them. 
  • Massage- Few things in the world are more luxurious or relaxing than a good massage. Meanwhile, few are better at carrying tension around with them than Libra is. Fortunately, relieving tension is what massages are for. Frequent massages may seem indulgent, but then, Libra, ruler of the lower back (where a lot of tension ends up) likes indulgence and luxury, so it’s a perfect fit.

Activities Where a Libra Can Let Go

  • Interior Decorating- Libras are very proud of their living space. They like to be surrounded by luxury, so they’re very careful (some might say picky) about the furniture and decoration that they’re willing to purchase. Once they find the right items though, they won’t stop until it’s perfect. It’s their sanctuary, the place they will retreat to, hopefully with their partner, when they need to get away from the rest of the world, so of course, they’re going to go a little wild to make sure that everything is perfect. Libra is also the most likely of the signs to take the practice of Feng Shui seriously when decorating and arranging their home since they want the energy to be perfectly balanced everywhere they go.
  • Shopping- Just like the planet that rules them, Libra likes pretty things, and they rarely feel like denying themselves. A brand-new wardrobe to go with a new job, a new watch or a gorgeous piece of jewelry, a new area rug for their home, it really doesn’t matter. If Libra thinks it’s beautiful and worthy of them, they’ll spare no expense for it.

Libra’s Guilty Pleasure

  • Lazy Pajama Day- Libra may be one of the more mild-mannered signs, but they’re still extremely ambitious and hard working. They’re fighting for a fair and balanced world after all. Everyone needs time to rest up though, which is why when Libra takes a day off, they go all the way and refuse to do pretty much anything. If they get out of bed at all, it’s only to relocate to the couch, where they will binge-watch or read something, order in brunch, and will remain unrepentant as they change from one pair of pajamas to another.
  • Courtroom Dramas- Libra is represented by the scales, which have symbolized justice across cultures for generations. So, it’s no real surprise that Libra would find enjoyment in courtroom dramas. Books, movies, or TV shows, as long as justice is done and the bad guys get what’s coming to them in the end, Libra soaks them up like a sponge. It may be a bit cliché, but one’s guilty pleasure is no one else’s business but one’s own.

Rebalancing the Scales

For all their fear of conflict, Libra is an absolute charmer and has a truly good heart. They see the world for what it could be, and only want to help it get there. It’s a deeply ambitious goal to have, and there are a lot of roadblocks in their way, but Libra is persistent in their desire to find balance in their personal world and the world at large. If having a self-care routine helps them get closer to that goal, then more power to them.

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