The Best Self-Care Routine for Capricorn

The Best Self-Care Routine for Capricorn | California Psychics

What is Capricorn Self-Care?

Happy Capricorn season! As the hardworking Goat takes center stage, their energy gets a boost from the cosmos. Everything is heightened for Capricorn during this season, including their need for self-care. If you are not a Capricorn, you can use this guide to help your Capricorn friends and family get the self-care they deserve. You can also use this guide for yourself, for these self-care activities are designed to help you get through Capricorn season. We even have you covered for when Aquarius season rolls around once again next month.

Capricorn’s number one goal in life is to create a secure future for themselves and their loved ones, and they will cheerfully work themselves to exhaustion to get it. Few members of the zodiac are so regularly in need of self-care as Capricorn is. But what is Capricorn self-care? It’s predictable and productive mornings and uninterrupted evenings. It’s combing through historical archives or bingeing history documentaries on the weekends. Capricorn self-care is a lot of time spent outdoors, indulging their competitive nature, and the occasional splurge on a really nice purchase.

What Stresses a Capricorn Out?

Not to mix metaphors, but Capricorn is the workhorse of the zodiac. They work all the time, and they actually enjoy it. For the Goat, working is not the problem, it’s the amount of time they spend obsessing over their job that can become detrimental to themselves and their relationships. Like all Earth signs, Capricorn is a perfectionist with high expectations, especially when it comes to their own performance. However, Capricorn has a bad habit of taking on too many daily tasks and massive projects at once, which can cause them to lose focus and not do everything as well as they think they should. As far as anyone else can see, they’ve done a spectacular job, but according to Capricorn’s own impossible standards, it’s not good enough, which can lead to a long, stressed spiral for them. Their perfectionist nature also causes them to stress out when they’re not in charge of any project they’re working on. Capricorns are natural leaders, so they want to take charge of everything, but they also don’t want to step on the toes of whoever is currently leading, and walking that tight rope is never fun for them.

Of course, all of this pales in comparison to what they value the most, which is security. Financial security for them and their family, whether they currently have one or not, is paramount to Capricorn. Whether they will have enough to live comfortably now and in the future is a constant worry for them and leads them to work as much as they can, which is admirable, but can cause problems with the people they’re doing it all for. And really, if the ones who they’re doing it all for (including themselves) aren’t there to care, or can’t really enjoy it, then what’s the point? Hence Capricorn’s need for a self-care routine to fall back on every once in a while.

Self-Care for the Mind of a Capricorn

  • Capricorn Morning Routine- Capricorn is a meticulous being who needs to keep to a schedule, so getting up around the same time every morning will easily help them find their rhythm. Capricorn, while always put together, isn’t overly fussy about their appearance, preferring a specific style and look, which makes getting ready for work a breeze. They also like to get some chores done before heading out, possibly while listening to a favorite podcast or tuning into an episode of their current binge-worthy show. That way, they can feel both accomplished before their day has truly begun and they get to start the day on a happy note.
  • Investing- While the very thought of finances would make some members of the zodiac freeze in place, Capricorn revels in everything to do with it. They have an active, brilliant mind that thrives on all the best ways to create security for themselves and their loved ones. Figuring out the best ways to play the stock market, or researching new investments is not only invigorating for the ambitious goat but can also even be relaxing for them.
  • History Museums- Capricorn loves learning about historical events, going to antique stores, and they especially love history museums. They are the sign that rules history, so they feel very at home walking around the buildings that preserve old memories and learning as much as they can from them. Whenever Capricorn has too much going on in their brain and needs a quiet place to let it all drift into the background for a little while, a history museum, preferably an interactive one, is their favorite place to go.

Self-Care for the Body of a Capricorn

  • Team Sports- Capricorn rules teamwork, and given their inherent ambitious streak, they’re quite competitive too. Really, any type of sport that requires teamwork, be it softball, football, soccer, or rugby will be a natural fit for the goat.
  • Rock climbing- Capricorn is always climbing the mountain of success, so why shouldn’t they also climb literal mountains? They love being physically high up as much as they love being high on the corporate ladder, and when it comes to physical prowess, beating their own record is Capricorn’s greatest reward.
  • Sleep- Capricorn is another sleep-neutral sign because it’s mostly just a job to them. They know they need it to be at their best, so they’ll do what they can to get the optimal amount of sleep, which is 8 hours, and that is at least how much they should get each night. Capricorn will generally go to bed at the same time every night, and to make sure their morning routine goes off without a hitch, they’ll lay out their clothes before going to sleep. Because stress can screw up their sleep schedule, adding some meditation to their bedtime routine can help. As always, all things health-related should be discussed with a medical professional.

Self-Care for the Heart of a Capricorn

  • Romantic Partners- Capricorn is not inclined to move quickly when it comes to relationships. Honestly, the longer they know a person, the better chance they have of falling in love with them (personal history holds a lot of weight with Capricorn). And here’s the important thing when it comes to any of Capricorn’s romantic relationships: their partner needs to be as ambitious and successful as they are, or hope to be, while also being supportive. If all those criteria aren’t met, the partnership isn’t going to work. That being said, Capricorn needs to reciprocate this support, because when two workaholics get together, they have to be entirely supportive of each other, or there will be a massive blow up in their future. Fortunately, because Capricorn isn’t inclined to move quickly when it comes to relationships, there’s plenty of time for them to talk all of this out, and as long as both parties know what to expect, things should work out all right. Capricorn should also look for someone open-minded because the goat has a bit of a wild streak sometimes (being ruled by the planet of repression will do that).
  • Friends- Capricorn doesn’t have a large social circle, but the people they call their friends, they trust implicitly. Capricorn is not an open book, and their friends know not to pry, that Capricorn will come to them if they have something important to discuss or a problem they can’t solve alone. In return for their discretion, Capricorn is extremely loyal to them, and whenever they get together, Capricorn ensures that everyone has a good time. It’s because of this tight-knit bond that their friends are some of the only people Capricorn can unwind with.
  • Family- Capricorn is the keeper of family traditions and memories, so they’re usually more than happy to host holiday gatherings so that they can ensure they’re done correctly. They also usually have a good relationship with at least one of their parents, for Capricorn rules parenthood. They love spending time with and listening to their parents’ stories that they can eventually pass on to the next generation. This is one of the reasons why Capricorn is usually attracted to romantic partners who are also interested in starting families of their own.

Self-Care for the Spirit of a Capricorn

  • Yoga- Capricorn is not good at sitting still, but they are intelligent and know that they need to take care of their physical well-being if they’re going to achieve their numerous goals. Adding yoga into their daily or weekly routine is an excellent excuse for the goat to really slow down and focus on the moment. It doesn’t matter where they choose to incorporate it into their day, because the Zen effects that yoga will have on Capricorn are as good as a meditation break for any other zodiac sign.
  • Gardening- Like their fellow Earth sign, Virgo, Capricorn loves to get their hands dirty in the garden. Getting to plan out where everything is going to go appeals to their need for order, and being surrounded by growing things settles their spirit. Tending to and connecting with their element is an important form of meditation for Capricorn.

What Relaxes a Capricorn?

  • Spa Day- Capricorn is one of the rare signs that enjoys working a lot because they like knowing that they’re taking care of themselves and their family. So, while it doesn’t feel like they’re experiencing stress in the moment, they are, and when they relax, they go all out. Taking the day to retreat to a spa where they can get a deep tissue massage, get a facial, lounge in a pool or the hot tub, and maybe even get their nails done while they’re at it, is the perfect antidote to all the tension and worry they carry around with them daily.
  • Hiking- Being an Earth sign, Capricorn needs to be outside as much as they can. Combining their love of the outdoors with their love of heading for high ground, hiking is the perfect way for Capricorn to shed whatever in their everyday life is weighing them down. Whenever they’re out on a hike, any season of the year, all that matters is the beautiful scenery and the peacefulness that Mother Earth provides.

Activities Where a Capricorn Can Let Go

  • Organization- Yes, Capricorn really is that much of a control freak, that they will go all out on reorganizing their living and/or workspaces, and they will consider it a good time. Perfectionists to the core, they will not rest until everything is organized so perfectly that no one around them would ever dream of not returning an item to its correct place on a shelf ever again.
  • Making a big purchase- Capricorn works hard for their money, but that doesn’t mean they’re stingy with it. They’re just careful and tend to do a lot of research before buying anything substantial. In fact, they almost enjoy researching the products they’re thinking of buying more than the actual purchase itself. It gives them a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that when they finally do decide to spoil themselves with something nice, they’re getting the best bang for their buck.

Capricorn’s Guilty Pleasure

  • Letting their nerd out- Not all Capricorns bother to hide how much they enjoy their niche interests, but some don’t feel that they can show off, depending on their work positions. Which makes it all the sweeter when they give in to all their nerdy glory. Whether it’s spending the day reading graphic novels, catching up on their streaming queue of history documentaries, going to a workshop on their favorite hobby, or finally getting tickets for a show they’ve been secretly obsessing about for months, when Capricorn gets enthusiastic about something they enjoy, it’s absolutely adorable.  
  • Taking a day off- It cannot be stated enough, Capricorn usually enjoys their work. It makes them feel fulfilled and that they’re creating a solid foundation for the rest of their lives. That being said, every once in a while, they need a break, because they’re only human, so taking off from work is a guilty pleasure for them. Particularly when it’s the day after a major project has been completed and turned in. They can just revel in a job well done while getting a little extra rest to recharge before jumping back into the other projects already in progress.

Refilling the Tank

There’s nothing wrong with chasing ambition or working to create a secure future, the two things that drive Capricorn’s workaholism. But even the stubborn goat needs to stop and take a break sometimes because no one can run on empty. Everyone does better work when they feel rested, rejuvenated, and relaxed, and while none of that comes naturally to the sign ruled by Saturn the repressor, it’s definitely necessary. Fortunately, Capricorn will do anything for a better, secure future, and if that means fighting their own instincts to make their loved ones happy, then they’ll learn to take a day off without feeling guilty about it.

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